In Marvel's Star Wars, Rey Just One-Upped the Skywalkers ... Again

WARNING: The following contains marjo spoilers for Marvel's Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -- Allegiance #4, by Ethan Sacks, Luke Ross, VC's Clayton Cowles and Lee Loughridge, on sale now.

Marvel's prequel to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has reinforced why Rey is indeed a more powerful Jedi than Anakin and Luke Skywalker. We've seen her displaying a vast array of Force-sensitive skills neither had at her age, made all the more impressive when one considers Rey's using only the sacred texts from the Ahch-To temple, as she doesn't have the luxury of a mentor.

In the final chapter of this series, writer Ethan Sacks and the rest of the creative team take it a step further by having Rey one-up the Skywalkers one last time with a move that reiterates why she is indeed the Chosen One who's poised to bring balance to the Force.

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With General Leia embarking on a diplomatic mission to get Mon Cala back alongside the Resistance for the upcoming stand against the First Order, the tempestuous Rey finds herself at odds with the aquatic citizens. She runs afoul of them for decrying Leia's intentions and ends up in shackles, only to have to battle the RK-9 droid for her freedom as Leia realizes just how much these aggressive negotiations have spiraled out of control. Sadly, Rey's crew has to break the rules to rescue her, which results in the rebels trying to flee the traitorous Mon Cala in disgrace. However, at the hangar, insurgents who believe Leia's only bringing trouble to their planet placed a bomb there, and it went off with the intent to kill Leia's entourage.

As Issue #4 opens up, however, we see that the massive explosion couldn't spread as Rey suppressed it with the Force; she contains the blast in an invisible Force-bubble and extinguishes it without the loss of life. It's a remarkable move and again, it shows how she's been honing her trade and getting to understand this mystical energy that binds all life together across the galaxy. Everyone, from Rose to Chewbacca to C-3PO, is in awe, except for Leia, who tells her, "I knew you had it in you, Rey."

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This makes us wonder if Leia trusted Rey with their lives to the point she was willing to risk it all to test and help Rey evolve. After all, the way we saw Leia fly back from the cold confines of space to safety in Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, it stands to reason she could have protected her squad and put out this blaze herself if she so wanted. Instead, it seems she left it to Rey's instincts and reflexes, trusting her pseudo-protege to pull off a Hail Mary.

Rey's been training by battling Force-sensitive creatures and we've seen her pull off a myriad of awe-inspiring moves throughout the duration of these books, so it's clear we've only scratched the tip of the iceberg. Rey won't be the same when J.J. Abrams' next movie hits screens, as seen from the first trailer where she was flipping over TIE Fighters, but this book hints we could be in for a wild ride when she unleashes her full arsenal.

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Rey has been leveling up and who knows, maybe we'll learn that Leia was indeed giving some tutorship all along that we weren't privy to just yet? Once more, though, seeing as we've never witnessed Luke or Anakin doing this, it's not even up for debate that Rey's way more advanced and again, on the path to truly being the best Jedi the galaxy has ever seen.

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