Star Wars: The Mandalorian Creator Reveals Adorable Baby Yoda Concept Art

Jon Favreau, the creator and showrunner of  Star Wars: The Mandalorian series on Disney+, has shared the original concept art of Baby Yoda, known as "The Asset" on the show, and "The Child" to fans.

The Mandalorian, Disney+'s first live-action Star Wars series, is heavily inspired by the samurai and Spaghetti Western genres, but with a sci-fi twist. The first two episodes of the series introduce audiences to the titular character, a Mandalorian bounty hunter with the reputation of being able to catch and deliver any target. When The Client (Werner Herzog), a futuristic mob boss type that talks and acts like a powerful remnant of the fallen Empire, offers Mando an extremely well-paid commission that would immensely help him and his entire community, he cannot refuse. He's to retrieve a 50-year old fugitive and bring it back to the Client and his partner, Doctor Pershing.

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Mando finds the Asset under heavy protection in the desert planet of Arvala-7, and finds that more than one bounty hunter is on the job. While he's more than happy to negotiate a split payment, his cool professionalism wavers when he sees that the Asset, despite being 50 years old, is a toddler from the same unknown species as Yoda, with whom he immediately establishes an almost paternal connection. Episode 2, The Child, explores the reason why Baby Yoda is so important; despite his tiny size and wobbly walk, Baby Yoda is already strong in the Force and able to stop a space rhinoceros' charge mid-air (though afterwards he might need a nap.)

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Baby Yoda has been a massive success with Star Wars fans across the board, to the point where it became impossible to avoid spoilers for The Mandalorian. Star Wars, leaning into the good reception of the Child, officially revealed his existence on their official social media channels. Soon after, even more concept art by Nick Gindraux has also been released.

Created by Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte. The first two episodes are streaming now on Disney+.

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