Watch Rey & Kylo Fight the Praetorian Guard in Epic Last Jedi Scene

If you are a patient moviegoer still on the fence about whether to finally check out Star Wars: The Last Jedi now that the film has come to home release, Lucasfilm may have just provided you with the best argument in the affirmative. The studio today uploaded one of the most impressive fight scenes from the film to the official Star Wars YouTube channel.

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The brief videos sees two adversaries, Kylo Ren and Rey, briefly team up to throw down with Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guard… all of them. Of course, the duo uses a combination of their lightsaber training and Force powers to dispatch the guards, cooperating in a way that implies they might make a good team if one of them wasn’t downright corrupted.


While the fight scene is a highlight of the movie, The Last Jedi’s home release has also revealed several deleted scenes, Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes looks at the somewhat divisive film.

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Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Star Wars: The Last Jedi stars Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron, Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke, Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma, Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico, Laura Dern as Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo and the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa. The film is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and On-Demand.

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