<i>Star Wars: The Clone Wars</i> Ending, New Series in Development

Fans wondering what the future would hold for Stars Wars: The Clone Wars following Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm received an answer this morning -- although it likely wasn't the one they were expecting.

Lucasfilm has announced that, after five seasons and more than 100 episodes, "the time has come to wind down the series." No additional episodes will be produced for Cartoon Network, but new Clone Wars arcs are being developed. Although the studio says to "Stay tuned for more information on where fans can soon find this bonus content," presumably the episodes will air on Disney XD, although probably not as part of a full season.

In place of The Clone Wars, Lucasfilm is working on a new Star Wars series "set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming."

In addition, Star Wars: Detours, the comedy from Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich and their collaborator Todd Grimes, is being shelved.

"Detours was conceived and produced before we decided to move forward with the new Star Wars trilogy, and in the wake of that decision, Lucasfilm has reconsidered whether launching an animated comedy prior to the launch of Episode VII makes sense," Lucasfilm said in a statement. "As a result, we've decided to postpone the release of Detours until a later date."

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