'Star Wars' speeder bike quadcopter can recreate Endor scene

The Millennium Falcon and TIE Interceptor customized quadcopters are without a doubt impressive, but this radio-controlled Star Wars scout trooper mounted on a speeder bike takes things to another level.

Created by Adam Woodworth using a Hasbro toy and some serious know-how, the speeder bike can actually race through the trees like a scene out of Return of the Jedi. Even better, Woodworth equipped the scout trooper with a tiny camera, so he can capture first-person footage of the craft in action. Watch the video below.

"I’ve got the Luke version on order, so I can build a second to race through the trees," he writes at Makezine, where he breaks down his process. "I’ve also got plans for a few of the other Hasbro vehicles."

(via Toyland)

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