Star Wars: 15 Hilarious Solo Family Memes

With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi fast approaching, we are chomping at the bit to learn what comes next for the Skywalker/Solo family. When we last saw our heroes in The Force Awakens, part time Sith Lord (and full time Darth Vader fanboy), Kylo Ren had killed his estranged father, Han Solo, leaving the matriarch of the family, General Leia Organa emotionally crushed despite her tumultuous relationship with Ren's father, Han Solo. It’s drama like this that really drives home the fact that the Star Wars saga is, and always will be, about family…a really messed-up dysfunctional family, but still always about family.

After the all the shocking revelations in The Force Awakens played out on the big screen for us to see, fans across the globe took to the Internet to craft tragic back stories, hilarious comic strips, snarky fan art, and wild theories as to why Kylo Ren (formerly Ben Solo) betrayed his uncle Luke and turned to The Dark Side. Hopefully that burning question is answered once the entire world sees The Last Jedi, but until then, let’s enjoy some of lighter takes on what could only be described as a tortured family dynamic.

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Only child syndrome is real, you guys. Now, usually it doesn’t drive you to abandon your family, turn to The Dark Side, and slaughter your father in front of an audience, but it can lead to some less-than-desirable behavior. The Internet seems to revel in the idea of Kylo Ren as the bratty, angst-ridden young man he seems to be in The Force Awakens.

Among these obsession is the reaction to his father’s horrible dad jokes. The idea of a cad like Han Solo actually siring children is odd (even in the Star Wars Legacy cannon), but the fact that people embrace his parenthood and parody fatherly behavior in the context of the Star Wars Universe is wonderful, endearing, and something downright heartbreaking. But to be fair, this dad joke was awful. Not get-run-through-with-a-lightsaber bad, but still pretty bad.


Watching the original 1977 film Star Wars through the lens of what we know about the franchise today is an odd experience. Depending on who you talk to, there were no plans to make the story about the Skywalker family or even have three of the leads blood relatives, and it wasn’t until the sequels that the revelation of Luke and Leia being the twin offspring of Darth Vader became canonical.

It’s certainly believable that George Lucas and company were flying by the seat of their pants, and the dynamic between characters and the potholes that so many Legacy era stories and current Marvel canon have tried desperately to patch only tip the scale toward that belief. Or maybe, Vader blew up Alderaan in front because of some petty custody battle he was in with Bail Organa…or not. Lucas was winging it.


Netflix’s 10 part documentary-drama Making of a Murderer was released the same day as Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December of 2015. The series became a cultural obsession that, along with the podcast Serial from the year prior, helped revitalize the non-fiction genre of true crime, much in the same way that The Force Awakens revitalized the Star Wars film franchise (yes that is shade being thrown at the prequels).

Immediately after their releases, both works generated countless memes, but this variation of the surprisingly well-Photoshopped vintage portrait of the Solo family is by far the funniest, albeit somewhat crass, entry for either. Considering one of these works does deal with the death of real people (while the other deal with the death of a character who wanted out of a franchise for ages), some folks may take offense to this meme, but it had us cracking up.


One of the more odd traits of the Solo family is their propensity to yell in or around snow-covered terrain. Here you can see Han yelling at C-3PO for…well, any number of reasons (it’s a known fact that Han Solo does not like droids) in the rebel base on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. We also have an image of Kylo Ren yelling at a “traitor” and Leia giving Han a dose of his own medicine for be so darn presumptuous.

Yelling is in the Solos’ blood. But to be honest, Kylo probably gets it from his mom’s side of the family. Anakin was a notorious shouter (and whiner), and Luke had his fair share of shouting moments, too. The only family member (if you can call him that) of Han’s that seems to enjoy shouting more than anyone is Chewbacca.


Having a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder for a dad can’t be easy. This might be a little presumptuous, but based on what a giant scab Han Solo was, it would be easy to assume that his son, Ben couldn’t wait to ditch his folks and train with his uncle Luke, who happens to be the last Jedi Master known in the galaxy (that we know of so far).

This comic does beg us to consider the time old debate between nature and nurture when it comes to childrearing. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Han says his son has too much Vader in him, but maybe the fact that his mother was a high ranking officer in a Rebellion and his father was a gallivanting space pirate contributed to Ben Solo turning to the Dark Side. Also, please let his middle name really be Chewbacca. That’s amazing.


Ah, yes, crossover references. Oh, how we love you. This is one of those memes that if we must explain it to you, it really loses all its impact, but here it goes anyway: this one is a call back to the other big Harrison Ford film franchise Indiana Jones (perhaps you’ve heard of it). In the third film in that series, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy comes face to face with his equally handsome and roguish father, portrayed by Sean Connery.

After some banter regarding Indiana’s namesake, it is revealed that our hero has taken the moniker of the Jones’ family dog. It’s a moment that is played for big laughs, and still garners a chuckle from the most jaded fans of the series, which is precisely why it works so well here.


The Star Wars prequel trilogy had no shortage of issues, but one of the biggest missed opportunities in those films is how they handle the character of Anakin Skywalker, a young Jedi who would one day become Sith Lord Darth Vader, one of cinema’s greatest villains. Now, not everything Anakin does in the prequels is awful. Both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith has some great character moments from Anakin, but they are few and far between.

Sadly most of Hayden Christensen’s performance as the character was riddled with whiny angst and zero conviction in his allegiance to The Dark Side by the end of the third film.These glaring issues are made even more prevalent after The Force Awakens, in which Kylo Ren is introduced. Ren’s brattiness and tantrums feel natural and quite convincing for a young man being tempted by a dark force, unlike Anakin’s.


The holidays are upon us whether you like it or not. This means we are officially in the time for giving and celebration and spending time with family members you wouldn’t be caught dead with in public. Amidst all the holly jolly goodness this time of year has to offer, the one thing most of can agree is exceedingly annoying is the personalized family Christmas card.

Unless they are done ironically, these things are awful, especially if they feature the family pet, who nine times out of ten does not want to wear whatever gaudy sweater his owners shoved them into. Whoa, could you image if Chewie was in this photo in a Christmas sweater? That would be amazing. Can anyone out there make that happen?


The idea that a man who died 30 years before you were even born could have such a massive impact on how you lead your life is a romantic notion. But if that person killed a bunch of younglings and severed his own son’s hand while he clung for dear life on a very shaky bit of scaffolding or whatever that was in Empire, maybe you should reassess the idol you’re worshiping.

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren’s obsession with his grandfather, Darth Vader borders on creepy. No, wait, it is creepy (seriously, do you think Vader’s skull was still in that helmet? Gross). While, we’re certain the Solo and Skywalker families did their best to keep little ol’ Ben away from his grandpappy’s things, something must have driven the boy to seek them out. Maybe it was something simple like a really cool helmet.


This something that has always irked us to some degree: Kylo Ren doesn’t really look anything like Han Solo. Maybe if you squint and pretend, but on face value (literally) there aren’t many distinguishing features that link the two men together and make you say, “oh, I see the resemblance.”

But the fact that this comic takes the Maury route is too funny. Any time the characters of Star Wars are superimposed into modern situations (even lurid daytime TV exploitive talk shows) it makes us smile. The only thing that would make this funnier is if there was a gif of Han Solo doing a touchdown dance on stage in front of the live audience while a disgruntled Leia in with a bad haircut and a pair of jorts looked on with forlorn expression that teetered on rage.


Feigning callousness and an impenetrable, stoic exterior can be tough when you know your mother is disappointed in you even if you’re a dark Sith Lord who just slaughtered you father. Or, at least, this is what the first and only full length Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer leads us to believe.

The fact that this film will be Carrie Fisher’s final appearance (Fisher passed away last December after filming) hangs over this movie like a led curtain. There is an air of sorrow that permeates every production still and teaser clip Disney releases, and honestly, this meme (and the scene from the trailer) is truly the culmination of that sadness. It’s been reported that Fisher’s exit from the franchise was handled with grace, which means it will certainly not leave a dry eye in the theater.


Harrison Ford never seemed to be too impressed with his reputation as the roguish smuggler Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s well-known that Ford begged George Lucas to let him die at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, but Lucas was smart. He knew that Han was a massive fan favorite and that putting him in the third entry was an absolute must, even if the character didn't really have much to do in Return of the Jedi.

However, in recent years, Ford seems to have embraced his iconic role. He’s appeared at conventions and panels and tons of press junkets for The Force Awakens. Even his performance as the character hearkened back to the same boorish charm he first displayed back in 1977. Maybe it was the fact that J.J. Abrams finally granted his wish and offed Solo that brought Ford out of his shell.


Han Solo isn’t the brightest guy in the galaxy. He just happens to be one of the luckiest. Unfortunately, that luck ran out in The Force Awakens when he was sent to bring his son, Kylo Ren home, which was probably a fool’s errand to begin with. Han is known for talking his way out of situations, but after spending the last 30 years making and breaking deals (and losing the freaking Millennium Falcon!), it would seem Solo’s mojo finally ran out.

In fact, even Han in his smooth-talking prime probably couldn’t get through to his son, who had been so corrupted by the Dark Side that he turned to patricide. But maybe in Han’s death he was able to reach Ben. The loving touch of his son’s cheek before plummeting into the abyss seemed to have an effect on Kylo.


Please don’t tell Bill Watterson about this. He’d be super upset. But regardless of perceived copyright infringement, this one is fantastic. In fact, there are tons of Calvin and Hobbes inspired Star Wars works, and literally all of them are great. This is just our favorite regarding the Solo clan. The fact that Han so blatantly blames Leia is not only intrinsic to his character, but it’s something that most parents have said to their significant others with their offspring does something out of place.

But if we’re going to break this little one panel comic down, the big question is why does little Ben Solo have a lightsaber? Where in the world did he get a kyber crystal? Those things just don’t grow on trees.


We’ve all done thing to make our parents upset. Sometimes it’s a simple mistake like dropping a carton of orange juice, causing a big sticky mess all over the kitchen floor, and sometimes it’s a bigger oopsy like, you know, killing your father as a final act that pledges your allegiance to The Dark Side.

One of the more hilarious things the Internet seems to cling on to is the projected infantilism of Kylo Ren. Basically the meme makers at large took the nuggets of angst he displayed in The Force Awakens (moments like his lightsaber tantrum) and extrapolated them into a large character trait that has provided an endless surplus of hilarious riffs. Kylo drawing a card in crayon for his mother as a form of apology for killing his dad is a fantastic example of gallows humor without being too dark.

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