<i>Star Wars</i> Shatters All Previous Blu-Ray Release Records

You might be pissed off about any number of things relating to the Star Wars franchise, but there's no denying that it's still a pretty big deal. The newly released Blu-ray box set is a testament to that fact, collecting all six movies and roughly two full days worth of bonus content -- much of it all new or never before seen -- into a single package.

Blu-ray is still a relatively young medium, but it's caught on more and more in recent years as high-definition displays have gone from being a fancy, new thing to the expected standard for most. The Star Wars Blu-ray is a testament to that growing popularity, with first-week sales for the collection -- it launched last Friday -- tallying up to 515,000 units sold in North America, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That's a whopping $84 million take in seven days, the biggest launch ever for a Blu-ray release.

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