'Star Wars' Royal Guard joins Tamashii Nations line of samurai figures

It seems like only last month that we were marveling at the ronin Boba Fett action figure, but now Tamashii Nations has unveiled another new addition to the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line: the Akazonae Royal Guard.

Based on the crimson-robed elite unit that guarded the Emperor in Star Wars, here they're given a Japanese feudal makeover, with detailed samurai armor, a force pike and a katana. Their front robe pieces are also removable.

Standing about 6.75 inches, the Akazonae Royal Guard figure costs about $90. It's set to arrive in April, joining Samurai General Darth Vader, Ashigaru Stormtrooper, Teppo Ashigaru Sandtrooper and Ronin Boba Fett.

Now we just need Emperor Palpatine ...

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