'Star Wars: Rogue One' May Include a Digital Peter Cushing

The "Star Wars: Rogue One" main cast was revealed in full force earlier this month at Disney's D23 Expo, but according to a new report, a slightly unexpected name may be joining the film. The Daily Mail reported over the weekend that "Rogue One" will include a digital recreation of actor Peter Cushing, who played the iconically sinister role of Grand Moff Tarkin in the original 1977 "Star Wars" film -- and died in 1994.

The Daily Mail's source describes the digital process as one of the most "complex and costly CGI re-creations," but, importantly, none of it has been confirmed by Lucasfilm. A number of outlets including io9 and Entertainment Weekly have run stories based on the report, along with a healthy dose of skepticism -- an attitude shared by SPINOFF.

Still, an appearance of Tarkin in some form -- either a digital recreation, a new actor or just a lot of talking about him while he's off-screen -- makes sense given the time frame of "Rogue One," which takes place before "Star Wars: A New Hope" and sees a team of Rebel fighters seeking to retrieve the Death Star plans. Given Tarkin's major part in that era of Star Wars lore, the character is a natural fit.

Directed by Gareth Edwards, "Star Wars: Rogue One" is scheduled for release on Dec. 16, 2016.

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