Marvel's Star Wars Finally Ends The Most Powerful Jedi Argument

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Star Wars: Age of Republic Special #1 by Ethan Sacks, Paolo Villanelli, Erick Arciniega, Carlos Gomez, Jody Houser, Dono Sanchez-Almara, Marc Guggenheim, Caspar Wijngaard, Cris Peter and VC's Travis Lanham, on sale now.

In the Star Wars Universe, a decades-old argument has always been which Jedi is the most powerful. Diehard movie lovers would insist it's Luke Skywalker, especially after what we learned about him in The Last Jedi. Others tout his father, the former Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker (of course, that's before he turned to the Dark Side as Darth Vader).

Most, however, would likely put Master Yoda forth as the main candidate, as he lived to the ripe old age of 900 before passing peacefully in his sleep in Return of the Jedi. But as it turns out, none of these three, as skillful as they are, fit the label. In Marvel's Age of the Republic, we actually find out it's none other than Mace Windu.

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Throughout the movies, cartoons and comics, we admit, more emphasis was placed on Yoda as leader of the Jedi Order. But we often forget Mace's voice on the Council and why he was so high in rank. Sure, Yoda's the wisest, all-knowing and quite powerful, but this comic dives into Mace's past a bit and reveals his true abilities; some of which not even Yoda exhibited. And trust us, they make Mace a one-man army.

On a mission to rescue kidnapped children on the planet Oosalon in the Outer Rim, Mace cuts loose after allowing himself to be captured. There, the warlord Guattako -- revealed to be working for the Hutts -- has his minions take apart the Jedi's lightsaber, or as they call it, his "laser sword." Revealing that they're planning to turn victims into child soldiers, the egotistical villain is taken aback as he expected more resistance given Mace's reputation.

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Of course, Mace is simply playing possum, rebuilding his lightsaber using the Force. It turns out Mace is a genius when it comes to Jedi technology, and doesn't even blink an eye at rebuilding it using nothing but his mind. It's a task few Jedi have ever been able to execute, as we learn from a flashback with his own teacher, Master Huyang.

By the time the villains realize the ruse, Mace displays another ability not even Yoda had, sending a telepathic message planets away to his Jedi space fleet, ordering them to attack the base. It's a near impossible feat, as Guattako's lair is in the depths of the planet's catacombs. but Mace easily accomplishes what not even Qui-Got Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda were ever able to do. Sure, we saw Leia and Luke achieve a similar feat it in The Empire Strikes Back, but their proximity was much closer, and their ;link likely strengthened by their familial bond.

The height of Mace's strength is truly displayed when he summons his lightsaber using the Force, and it basically begins cutting down enemies before he lays a finger on it. It's literally floating through the air all by itself, reiterating that Mace's mental abilities are off-the-charts. It's a sequence even more epic than Vader's Rebel slaughter in the Rogue One finale and something we've never seen on the big screen. It's Jedi telekinesis at its finest, with Mace basically showing us he doesn't even needs hands to take his opponents down.

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In retrospect, Mace being the most powerful Jedi in battle should come as no surprise. In George Lucas' prequel films, after all, he was the only one to truly best the Emperor. Not even Yoda could have taken Palpatine out, because Mace was always geared to be more of a soldier, ergo this chapter's title: "The Weapon." This insight also reminds the only way Mace could have been defeated was due to Anakin's cheap shot in Revenge of the Sith. Mace was so good that being too trusting was the only way he could be taken down, which makes us wish we'd gotten more of him in the heat of battle against the Sith.

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