Star Wars Resistance Could Answer Our Biggest Franchise Questions

Star Wars has never really been about “mystery boxes.” Sure the franchise has seen plenty of cliffhangers within its myriad films, comics, novels, and shows. This is to be expected for any sort of episodic storytelling. It’s what keeps people coming back for more week after week or issue after issue and so on. But Star Wars has always been pretty good about showing its cards to the audiences. Sure there have been twists and turns, but not a ton of lingering questions beyond things like, where are all the bathroom on the Death Star? Does Han brush Chewbacca when no one is watching? Did Yoda rage quit life to become one with the Force?

Soon after J.J. Abrams (a man who is known for his mystery boxes) took the reins of Star Wars with The Force Awakens, the franchise took a sharp left turn down the road of Internet speculation. Fan theories regarding minute plot details and character lineages began to populate social media and pop culture sites like Tribbles. (Sorry, sorry -- wrong franchise.)

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This is more than understandable. Even basic origins (and actual names, for that matter) of seemingly important characters are still left completely unaddressed two films into a new trilogy of movies. Now that Disney has announced a new anime-inspired animated series, Star Wars Resistance, which is set prior to The Force Awakens, hopefully some of these nagging mysteries will be answered.

The Title Says it All…

A show with the name Resistance in the title has to certainly answer some questions about the factor of rebels that General Leia is leading at the beginning of the sequel trilogy. Plenty of the current Star Wars comics being published by Marvel (Poe Dameron specifically) have touched on how these guerrilla fighters have been interacting with The First Order before Rey ditched Jakku. Just how the Rebel Alliance eventually turned into The Resistance would be fascinating to explore, as long as it’s handled without the dull bureaucracy of trade agreements from The Prequels.

Simply touching on how General Leia maintained her command for the thirty years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens could generate a lot of great stories. This time period in the new Star Wars canon has been explored the least and would benefit a lot from the cartoon fleshing it out.

Who Are These Guys?

Many characters who have been introduced in the sequel films have not yet been fleshed out, making their Wookieepedia entries sparse at best. One of the prime examples is Lor San Tekka, played by Max von Sydow in The Force Awakens. To say Tekka’s role in the film was minimal is a gross understatement. While the comics do touch on the character's life prior to the film, seeing how much of an impact he has on Leia and her Resistance would certainly be welcomed.

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The same can also be said for DJ (which we ain’t buying as the guy’s real name) from The Last Jedi. When we meet Benicio Del Toro's master codebreaker, we are given nothing to learn about the character other than a curious speech impediment and a cool demeanor. Fans weren’t even given the character’s name until the credits rolled. While DJ’s betrayal in the final act of The last Jedi does illustrate what kind of man he is, and a character with such skills and dubious morality could be explored in Resistance. After all, both Rose and Finn, the only two characters who have direct interaction with DJ beyond the First Order, are both pretty new to the Resistance. Who’s to say DJ isn’t a disenchanted member formerly of Leia’s crew?

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Even characters who are given names a bit of background still feel vastly underutilized in the new films. There has been a ton of anger and confusion hurled at The Last Jedi for how it handled the character of Snoke... or rather, how it didn’t handle him. While Snoke was perhaps just a red herring, the level of power he displayed makes us wonder how he fit into the larger conflict. After all, both Leia and Han knew the guy’s name and that he was training their son. There has to be more there.

Depending on how much time the series spends with people outside the Resistance, there’s also room to focus on baddies like Captain Phasma and Hux. Surely, these two just didn’t waltz into their positions. Other characters on the outskirts of the Light and Dark could also be explored further. Specifically, Maz Kanata and her ancient castle turned watering hole on Takodana.

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