Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Madalore Rally in Season Premiere Clips

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Mandalorians take to the skies to fight the Empire in two new clips from the two-part season premiere of Star Wars Rebels. The premiere, “Heroes of Mandalore,” aired earlier tonight.

The first clips sees Sabine leading Ezra and Kanan into battle against an Imperial outpost with an army of Mandalorians at their side. The group quickly dispatches the outpost’s guards through a combination of aerial maneuvering and Jedi skill, saving Sabine's father in the process. The clip ends with an Imperial trooper calling for reinforcements.

The second clip sees those reinforcements arrive, though they’re nothing like what the rebels expected. An Imperial armored personnel carrier approaches the Mandalorian army while the bulk of the outpost’s stationed guards retreat. Sabine is speaking with her mother, one of the Mandalorian fighters on the frontline, when she hears a familiar noise. She arrives to find her mother vaporized with a weapon she seemingly built.

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The Star Wars Rebels episode “Heroes of Mandalore” aired tonight. The next episode, a two-parter titled “In the Name of the Rebellion” airs back-to-back on Oct. 23. The show is currently in its fourth and final season.

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