Star Wars Rebels' Finale May Have Teased What Comes Next

Ezra and Sabine jetpack in Star Wars Rebels

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the series finale of Star Wars Rebels, “Family Reunion and Farewell,” which debuted Monday night on Disney XD.

If you're a Star Wars Rebels fan, it's likely you shed a tear watching the show's series finale. Knowing it would be the last time we would see these freedom fighters rally together carried considerable emotional weight. It didn't hurt that the quality and attention-to-detail of the 45-minute closer was more akin to a feature film than the last episode of a cartoon.

Star Wars animation guru Dave Filoni didn't get a chance to end The Clone Wars the way he had planned. In fact, there were tons of loose threads left dangling when the series ended, many of which were tied up in novels, comics and even episodes of Rebels. There was also one character in specific whose story fans and Filoni agreed was cut way too short: Ahsoka Tano. It was no surprise, then, that when given a chance to helm a new animated series, not only did he make sure to bring Ahsoka back, he also planned the show to be only four seasons from the get go. By doing this, Filoni was able to lay out the basic beats of the whole series, from start to finish.

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Of course this is Star Wars, so nothing is ever fully finished. Filoni knows this, and it appears he's had an eye on what would come after Rebels since the start. Based on the final episodes, as well as what we know about Filoni’s predilections, it's possible to glean a few hints as to what’s next for Star Wars animation.

Ahead of the finale's debut, we postulated that the next Star Wars animated show would be set after The Battle of Endor. As we saw, Sabine’s epilogue took us to exactly that moment. The question now, is, what will the story be about?

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