Star Wars Rebels: 6 Predictions For the Final Episodes

With Star Wars Rebels returning from tonight on Disney XD for its final six episodes, speculation about how the beloved animated series will end has reached a fevered pitch. But we may be able to make some educated guesses based in part from the knowledge that supervising producer Dave Filoni laid out the entire four seasons, from beginning to end, after his previous show, The Clone Wars, was cut short.

With that in mind, we'll take a look at a number of possibilities based on the previous three seasons, and the Season 4 midseason trailer, as well as leaks and connections to other Star Wars media.

While the first half of Season 4 gave us a Rebellion that was starting to gel, the leader of the Spectres, Hera Syndulla, had been captured by Thrawn and the Empire. However, it looks as if she will be rescued early on, and that there's a bigger battle on the horizon.

Because of the titles of the first two episodes of the midseason return, "Jedi Night" and "DUME," it's been heavily speculated that Kanan Jarrus’ future is bleak. "Jedi Night" is obviously a spin on Jedi Knight, but also could imply his demise. On the other hand, "DUME" is Kanan’s real last name, but clearly also suggests “doom.”

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Kanan was a Padawan whose master died during the Clone Wars, so he changed his name to blend in and avoid the Jedi Purge; his given name is Caleb Dume. We know that in these first two episodes Kanan and the Ghost crew will go on a mission to rescue Hera from the clutches of the Empire. So, we suspect that once the Twi'lek pilot is free, Kanan will have to give his life to keep her that way.

The fate of a number of important characters has been left up in the air during Rebels' three and a half seasons. From the midseason trailer, we know we'll see the return of Sabine’s former bounty-hunting partner, Ketsu, as well as the lovable rogue Hondo Ohnaka. However, considering previous cameo-heavy season finales of Rebels, we expect Filoni and team have something epic for fans as the end approaches.

Ahsoka Tano's status at the end of Season 2 was left purposely unclear, so she may show up alive and ready to join the fight in this final stretch. Considering we've seen an ornate mural depicting the Father, Son and Daughter, from The Clone Wars "Mortis" trilogy, as well as Ezra on a spiritual plane, we're pretty confident that the episodes "Wolves At the Door" and "A World Between Worlds" will deal with Ezra’s unique connection to the Force. Further, we believe this will lead to him being made a Jedi Knight by a Force ghost. We think the most likely candidate is Kanan (assuming he dies), but Ahsoka and Yoda are also on the table.

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