Star Wars Rebels Debuts Wedge Antilles in New Clip

The Rebellion is set to receive a massive boost in an upcoming episode of "Star Wars Rebels" as Wedge Antilles, the only pilot to survive the attacks on both Death Stars in the original trilogy, is due to join up in the series.

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In a new clip from the official "Star Wars" YouTube Channel, we see Wedge, in his Imperial Navy uniform, expressing his doubts about the Empire, before being recruited to the Rebel cause by Sabine Wren.

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Wedge is not the only character from the live-action "Star Wars" films to get animated in "Rebels" this season, as Darth Maul makes his own menacing return to the series.

The soon-to-be legendary Rebel pilot makes his debut in "The Antilles Extraction," the fourth episode of "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3, airing Saturday, October 8, on Disney XD.

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