Star Wars Rebels Could Confirm Fan Theory About Rex

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The popular fan theory that "Nik Sant," a member of the Endor strike team in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi," is actually an older Captain Rex has just received a significant boost, if not quite confirmation.

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Support comes from concept art revealed Thursday at Star Wars Celebration by "Star Wars Rebels" executive producer Dave Filoni that depicts Rex dressed similarly to Sant.


Actually, it is Rex. All the concept art for the characters have a Wolf label. pic.twitter.com/BABoNhpkMf

— David Taylor (@IAmDavidJTaylor) April 13, 2017

"What's that? That's some kind of ... don't pay any attention to that. That shouldn't even be in this folder!" Filoni joked when the art was displayed on the enormous screen behind him. "Why would he need camouflage? Doesn't make any sense!" Adding to the joke, fellow panelist and story group executive Pablo Hidalgo said, "Just speculate away, we're putting it out there."

Introduced in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," the veteran Clone Trooper returned in the second season of "Star Wars Rebels," leading to speculation the grizzled Rex goes on to make a cameo in "Return of the Jedi." That theory gained traction last year at a screening of the Season Two finale, when Filoni hinted that Rex might be Sant. While it's still just a theory, this tease suggests the connection might be confirmed in the show's upcoming fourth season.

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"Star Wars Rebels" is set just a few years before the events of "Star Wars: A New Hope." The series follows the crew of the Ghost as they join the fledgling Rebel Alliance in its fight against the Galactic Empire.

"Star Wars Rebels" returns Sept. 23 on Disney XD.

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