What Comes After the End of Star Wars Rebels?

With the finale of the Star Wars Rebels animated series imminent, fans are already looking ahead to what will come next.

Lucasfilm/Disney have made it clear that on top of annual Star Wars feature films, we can expect a number of TV shows in the next couple of years. And while we can safely assume that at least one of those will be the long rumored live action series, it's also likely that Dave Filoni will be heading up an animated show or two.

The main creative force behind Rebels and George Lucas’ right hand on The Clone Wars, Filoni indicated in a recent interview that he is working on a new project and that it will be announced soon.

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“We have a lot of different ways to convey stories and we choose the best mediums and we are showing no sign of slowing," Filonis stated. "So, the end of one thing always means the beginning of another, and soon people will learn what that other is.”

This statement can be interpreted in a couple of different ways, as he was being deliberately vague. First, he leaves things a bit unclear by mentioning “best medium,” leading us to wonder if the project will be a TV series. The other possibilities include a digital/streaming series, a feature film, or possibly a video game. Considering Filoni’s 20+ year career in animation and his successes with The Clone Wars and Rebels, we're betting his mysterious project will be announced as a CG animated show for Disney's upcoming streaming service. With that assumption, we can look further ahead and venture some guesses as to which characters, time periods, and storylines it may explore.

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While not officially, Rebels is Filoni’s continuation of The Clone Wars. It starts only 14 years after The Clone Wars story ended, and includes a number of fan-favorite characters introduced in that previous series. So, if we take a look at another part of Filoni’s statement where he says, “the end of one thing always means the beginning of another,” precedent would suggest he is being literal. We’re guessing the new series will be set post-Return of the Jedi and deal with the establishment of the New Republic.

We expect there will be a new main cast, but we know Filoni likes to continue developing his favorite creations. We also know at least one original character from The Clone Wars and one original character from Rebels survive until this era: Rex and Hera Syndulla. Filoni has long hinted that Rex and the Alliance soldier we see on Endor with the white facial hair in Return of the Jedi are one and the same, and it looks like in the finale episodes of Rebels, Rex will don the helmet that the Alliance soldier wears. Then, in the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny episode An Imperial Feast we see that Hera is at the celebration after the Battle of Endor. So, imagine a show about a newly formed squadron tasked with driving out Imperial holdouts around the galaxy, with the help of Hera and Rex.

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