Star Wars Rebels: Ahsoka Tano Could Return For Season 4

"Star Wars Rebels'" fourth season might finally give closure to fans of Ahsoka Tano. During the "Animated Origins & Unexpected Fates" panel at this year's Star Wars Celebration, series co-creator Dave Filoni and Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hildago indicated that the character will reappear in the upcoming fourth season.

Initially, plans never included Ahsoka returning to the show again after her confrontation with Darth Vader, her former master. However, at last year's Star Wars Celebration, Filoni confirmed that he'd changed his mind and decided that Ahsoka's story wasn't yet finished. With Season 3 passing without Ahsoka's return, Filoni and Hildago indicated that this was a result of the long production time for episodes. The news comes in advance of the convention's "Rebels" panel, which will take place on Saturday and provide more information on the upcoming season.

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"Star Wars Rebels" is set just a few years before "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope." The series follows the starship Ghost as its crew conducts clandestine warfare against the Galactic Empire. Characters from the films and other TV series have featured prominently on the show. Ahsoka, who originally appeared in 2008's "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," last appeared on the series in the second season's finale, battling Darth Vader in a collapsing Sith temple. At the end of the fight, only Vader emerged from the ruins. While her fate has never been confirmed, Ashley Eckstein -- Ahsoka's voice actor -- previously indicated that she believes the character is alive. It's still not clear what form future appearances will take and whether or not Ahsoka will be dead or alive.

"Star Wars Rebels" season 4 will premiere on September 23, 2017, on Disney XD.


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