Star Wars Producer Rick McCallum Signs on For Sci-Fi Project R'Ha

Rick McCallum will be returning to sci-fi soon. The Lucasfilms alum who produced all three of the Star Wars prequels as well as the animated Clone Wars and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles has signed on to a feature-length adaptation of Kaleb Lechowski's short film R'Ha, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“What inspires me and our team is that there are no humans whatsoever in the film, and yet Kaleb has come up with a world that is so engaging and so alive and so real that it really is very different from anything else I have seen in the sci-fi world,” McCallum said.

After leaving Lucasfilm last year, McCallum put together a company called Film United that's working mostly overseas, but this will be its first involvement with a feature.

“We want to make it as a European film, using VFX facilities from all over Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, and do it for a price that not only allows Kaleb total control of his unique vision, but is incomprehensible in the big-budget VFX world that we now live in," McCallum added.

Here's the original short:

Lechowski will direct the film, which is being written by Life on Mars creator Matthew Graham. Graham worked on the never-released Star Wars live-action television series known as Star Wars: Underworld, which McCallum also produced.

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