Star Wars Prequels Strike Back In New Documentary

Defending George Lucas' much-maligned "Star Wars" prequel trilogy isn't a brand-new idea. Scholars, critics, and fans have been doing it ever since the release of "The Phantom Menace" -- they've just been drowned out by the vocal majority. Or is it actually a vocal minority?

That's the thesis of "The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan's Journey," a new documentary from Texas-based independent film collective Ministry of Cinema. In it, one fan talks to various filmmakers, prop-makers, and "Star Wars" enthusiasts (including Kevin Smith) in a quest to reexamine Episodes I, II, and III. Are they really as bad as we think? As Smith astutely points out, legions of young fans grew up on the prequels, coming to love them the same way us older folks have come to love the original trilogy. Are they seeing something the rest of us aren't? We'll have to wait until the doc's digital release on September 14 to find out. Watch the full trailer below.

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