"Star Wars: Poe Dameron" #1 Answers One of "The Force Awakens'" Big Questions

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Charles Soule and Phil Noto's "Star Wars: Poe Dameron" #1.

Did you ever wonder how and why Poe Dameron tracked down Max von Sydow's Lor San Tekka at the beginning of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens?" Wonder no more! That's just one of the questions Charles Soule and Phil Noto answer in "Star Wars: Poe Dameron" #1.

Soule & Noto Fill In "Poe Dameron's" Pre-"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" History

Due to her growing concern about the First Order's rising influence, General Leia Organa sent her best pilot Poe Dameron on several covert missions to gather information before the events of this issue. On one of them, he turned up an important piece of Supreme Leader Snoke's plans, which involves a search for her brother Luke Skywalker. The intelligence also names the one man in the galaxy who might know where Luke went: Lor San Tekka. Though long thought dead, Tekka -- an explorer who "has been all over the galaxy" -- appears in a holovid Poe recovered, which confirms otherwise.

Leia seizes the opportunity and sends Poe to find him before the First Order catches wind of his location. She tells him to assemble a team, and so he does, recruiting Snap Wexley, Kare Kun, L'ulo, Jess Pava and Oddy Muva to join Black Squadron -- the same Black Squadron that appears in the film.

On his mission, Poe encounters a secret settlement where Tekka once stayed. He learns Tekka resided there for nearly two years, winning the peoples' trust and learning all he could before he departed. The people there know him as "The Explorer."

While Poe tries to convince the settlers that he comes in peace, BB-8 discovers a tracker on his X-Wing. The tracker led the First Order straight to their location, which means Black Squadron will likely have a full firefight on their hands next issue.

"Star Wars: Poe Dameron" #1 is now on sale.

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