This Star Wars Pod Racing Arcade Game is Made Almost Entirely of LEGO

Some things just shouldn’t be possible. In the realm of Star Wars, the abbreviated, unordered list goes something like this: warp speed intergalactic travel, the ability to communicate with aliens in English and be understood almost all the time, lightsabers with the little laser hilt thing. Thankfully, a pod racing arcade game made entirely out of LEGOs and LEGO robot pieces didn’t make the list.

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The arcade cabinet in question is the work of Alexis Dos Santos, a prolific LEGO builder. Dos Santos created the miniature arcade machine using a combination of standard LEGOs and MINDSTORM pieces, LEGO’s entry-level robotics building blocks that are designed to work with basic computers and various programmable mechanisms.

The build includes a fully-functioning conveyor belt that is constantly churning out obstacles to be avoided by the player’s pod racer figure. In the video, Dos Santos uses a joystick to control the pod racer, zipping between the rapidly encroaching Star Wars-themed debris.

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While the scoreboard doesn’t work, the machine does play a few of the sounds you would expect to hear from a homemade Star Wars arcade machine. The board is even smart enough to stop the game if the pod racer hits an obstacle. Sadly, there are no fiery explosions a la Episode I.

(via Kotaku)

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