Star Wars Open-World Game Canceled By EA

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There’s disappointing news for Star Wars gaming fans, with Electronic Arts announcing that it has decided to cancel its upcoming Star Wars open-world game.

Before EA closed Visceral Games in 2017, Visceral had been working on an earlier incarnation of a Star Wars game, which was code-named Ragtag and would have been a linear, action-adventure game directed by Amy Hennig, the director of Uncharted. After Visceral was shut down, EA Vancouver, a studio managing support for many of the company's games, took over the project, retaining certain elements while transforming it into an open-world game. The new code name for the project was Orca, and it would have involved playing as a bounty hunter or scoundrel-type character who could explore various planets in the Star Wars universe.

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During the announcement of Visceral’s shutdown, EA explained the reasoning for the game’s transformation, saying, “It has become clear that to deliver an experience that players will want to come back to and enjoy for a long time to come, we needed to pivot the design.”

However, Orca has now been shelved as well. It’s unclear what EA Vancouver’s next project will be, although there are rumors that it might be yet another Star Wars game. It’s believed that EA’s top decision makers feel they need to release a Star Wars project earlier than Orca could have been ready, and have opted for a scaled-back Star Wars game that will potentially hit shelves in late 2020. However, definite plans appear not to have been made at this point.

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