Help Me, Obi-Wan: A Brief History of Those Star Wars Spinoff Rumors

Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm in the Fall of 2012 and announced new Star Wars films were on the way, the standalone Obi-Wan movie rumors have run rampant -- despite neither Disney nor Lucasfilm even hinting there is a Ben Kenobi-led film in the works.

However, with a recent post on reliable Star Wars news site Fantha Tracks claiming that pre-production on the Jedi master’s solo adventure has actually started at Pinewood Studios, it may be time to start getting excited. With that in mind, we decided to run down the hearsay and speculation from the past few years.

One factor that has fueled the reports of this fan-favorite character finally getting the spotlight is actor Ewan McGregor’s willingness to reprise the role. He is continually asked about it at press junkets, and the Scottish thespian has repeatedly affirmed that he would gladly wield the blue lightsaber in another installment of the world’s most popular space opera. This started even before he was brought in by director J.J. Abrams to add his voice as Obi to Rey’s Force vision in The Force Awakens.

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When news broke that Disney would produce not only sequels to the Skywalker saga, but standalone films, the rumor mill went into overdrive. Sites were declaring that the entertainment giant was considering films focused on everybody from Boba Fett to Yoda, from Han Solo to, well, Obi-Wan. Even Jabba was apparently in the running for a solo film. Well, we now know Josh Trank was working on a Boba Fett film until he was fired in May of 2015, and obviously the Han movie came to fruition, but the whisperings of everybody’s favorite Jedi hermit returning to the big screen have not amounted to anything... yet.

George Lucas sold Star Wars in October of 2012, and in December McGregor, who played Obi-Wan in the Prequels, was asked about returning to the galaxy far, far away. He told UK news outlet The Guardian, “If they need me to be Obi-Wan Kenobi again, I’d be delighted to do so, yeah.” This sent fans into a frenzy.

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Fast-forward to Autumn 2014. and trusted Star Wars fansite MakingStarWars.net dropped the bomb that multiple Lucasfilm sources informed them that an art team and writer were already working on an Obi-Wan movie. Cinelinx.com followed up this rumor a couple of weeks later with word that Disney were actually developing an entire trilogy of Obi-Wan flicks, claiming the films would all be separate adventures set between Episode III and IV.

Another respected movie news site, Schmoes Know, reported in June 2015 that Disney was in negotiations with Ewan McGregor for “an unknown project.” An anonymous source assured them Obi-Wan was, in fact, getting a trilogy. That same month McGregor was attending the Edinburgh Film Festival and was asked again about Star Wars. “I’d be happy to do the story from Episode III where I finish up and Alec Guinness starts,” he said.

It all seemed to be lining up but, but in retrospect, the Disney talks were more likely about McGregor playing the lead role in Christopher Robin, the live action Winnie the Pooh film that hits theaters this summer.

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