'Star Wars' Meets 'Suicide Squad' in This Clever Fan Mashup

The "Suicide Squad" trailers have inspired scores of imitators, with fans applying the music -- Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" and Sweet's "The Ballroom Blitz" -- and the style to a range of other films. Some of the mashups are more successful than others, of course, but this latest one is easily among the best.

Using footage and dialogue from the "Star Wars" franchise, including Jabba the Hutt's perfectly placed (and always disturbing) laugh, YouTuber The Unusual Suspect has managed to perfectly blend the tone of the original trilogy with that of the "Suicide Squad" trailers. As you'd expect, it leans heavily on humor and action, with the music and smart editing creating a couple of lighthearted moments where you'd least expect them (the Emperor's seemingly embarrassed grimace and quick exit, for instance).

It's a fun mashup that you'll probably find yourself watching at least a couple of times.

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