Star Wars Joins Marvel Comics #1000

Star Wars is officially set to be featured as a part of the upcoming Marvel Comics #1000.

The landmark issue celebrating 80 years of Marvel will include a brand-new, one-page Star Wars story from writer Charles Soule and artist Terry Dodson. Of course, this creative team certainly knows a thing or two about making Star Wars comics for Marvel, with Soule having penned the publisher's Poe Dameron series, while Dodson served as penciller on Princess Leia.

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The exact details regarding Soule and Dodson's new tale from Marvel Comics #1000 are currently being kept under wraps. However, a single panel from the story has been officially released. And it features none other than Darth Vader himself.

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"I was so thrilled to be asked to do this - I wrote a new one-page Star Wars story for the landmark Marvel Comics #1000, with perfect art by Terry Dodson." Soule wrote on Twitter. "Very glad they included Star Wars in the issue celebrating Marvel's legacy. So many great [Star Wars] comics over the years!"

To Soule's point, the House of Ideas certainly has a long history publishing comics set in the galaxy far, far away. In fact, this dates all the way back to the original Marvel Star Wars title, which launched in 1977 to coincide with the original film's release and featured the work of numerous industry legends over the years.

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Marvel Comics #1000 will start from 1939 and work its way to the present day, with each page correlating to one year in Marvel's history. Along with celebrity contributors are also names from Marvel's storied past -- George Pérez, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kurt Busiek, Walter Simonson and more. The landmark issue arrives in August, followed by Marvel Comics #1001 in September.

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