Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon Finally Gets the Perfect New Captain

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel's Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -- Allegiance, from Ethan Sacks, Luke Ross, VC's Clayton Cowles and Lee Loughridge, on sale now.

In the Star Wars Universe, the Millennium Falcon has mostly had Han Solo and Chewbacca behind the controls. They were the guys piloting Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2 and C-3PO in an out of trouble in the original trilogy and, following Han's death, Rey and Chewie took over to search for Luke. However, in the first issue of Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -- Allegiance, a prequel to December's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Marvel reveals a new captain has taken the wheel, and it's a familiar face: General Leia Organa.

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It's fitting Han's wife takes over, even if on a temporary basis. Leia in the cockpit is just as iconic as the rest of the gang, and it makes sense she'd pick up where Han left off following their son, Kylo Ren, murdering him. What makes it so much more appealing is we've never seen her calling the shots on the spaceship, and right about now the Resistance needs all the experienced leadership it can get, not to mention someone who truly commands the respect of potential allies out there in the galaxy, far, far away.

Allegiance picks up after Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi and finds Leia and the Resistance on the garbage planet of Anoat, where the pollution clouds are masking tracking signals so the First Order can't find them. But after the disaster on Crait, their numbers have dwindled. They're short of ships, weapons and soldiers, and Leia's running out of ideas.

It gets even worse when news comes that the neutral ice planet, Tah'Nuhna, in the Mid Rim has been destroyed for offering them the slightest amount of aid. This leaves Leia feeling guilty and scared, as for the first time in a long time, hope's waning. Kylo wants them dead and now, and they're on the run like never before. This inspires Leia to demand General Jonato takes over in the interim so she can undertake a special mission of her own. Jonato is reluctant, as he doesn't want the Resistance's greatest symbol in danger, but the assertive Leia lays down the law, assembling Chewie, Rose Tico and Rey to jet off.

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Leia officially takes rank as captain of the Falcon, directing the new crew and making it clear this has to work if they're to be the spark that lights the fire of rebellion to save the cosmos once more. Because Leia is so revered, both Rey and Rose are honored to be with her. Chewie's pretty much accustomed to her presence, but you can tell he's grateful, as he wants to look after Leia personally following Han's death. She's a sister to him, and now Chewie gets his own personal mission with her, which will surely help them cope with the grief.

However, it's not smooth sailing, because while it's a diplomatic venture, the journey leads to treacherous waters, literally: Mon Cala. This aquatic planet was a great ally in the original films, and as Admiral Ackbar's home, one would think it'd provide assistance once more, but seeing as he died in Johnson's movie and the planet has been attacked time and time again by the Empire, they may not be willing anymore to offer assistance. The issue ends with a rough welcome party, but still, one has to feel as captain of the Falcon and leader of the Resistance, Leia has the clout to form a coalition once more.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -- Allegiance #2 goes on sale Oct. 16.

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