Luke Skywalker's Star Wars Lightsaber Pulled From Auction

It seems as if California auction house Profiles in History has felt a disturbance in the force, particularly when it comes to a lightsaber that was prepared to be auctioned off during a three-day event beginning Tuesday.

The lightsaber, which was listed as the original weapon used by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, has been pulled from the auction due to authenticity concerns, according to Profiles in History chief executive John Maddalena.

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The concerns stem from fans questioning the authenticity of the saber, which was described to be "one of five" lightsabers designed by Star Wars set director Roger Christian and used in the original Star Wars film as the Jedi weapon handed down from Obi-Wan Kenobi to a young Luke Skywalker.

“In light of conflicting information regarding the origin of Roger Christian’s Lightsaber, Profiles in History has decided to withdraw the piece from this auction until Mr. Christian can clear up the inconsistencies that have been brought to our attention,” Maddalena said in a statement.

The lightsaber was originally expected to bring in at least $150k at this week's auction, on top of other expected big sellers like original TIE fighter helmets from the film and a pair of C-3PO hands from Return of the Jedi, but instead, one of the highest expected earners of the auction will be put under the microscope. Christian supplied Profiles in History with his own certificate of authenticity for the lightsaber, but according to a report from Jason DeBord of OriginalProp.com, Christian had previously written about making multiple replicas of the original prototype around the time of the release of The Force Awakens.

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Even Mark Hamill himself raised concerns about the lightsaber, chiming in on social media to warn fans that he dealt with a number of different lightsabers during his time on A New Hope and that there wasn't one original prop used. That information alone would likely drive down the expected price for Christian's lightsaber to bring in at auction.

Of course, after it was reported that the lightsaber would be removed from the auction, Hamill had some fun on Twitter, running with a joke posed by a fan that the actor had the original lightsaber in his possession. He would eventually clarify that no, he does not have the precious piece of Star Wars history on his shelf.

If what Hamill said about the lightsabers was true (and if anyone would know, it is likely him), then there will have to be a thorough investigation on the lightsaber before it could be approved for auction. According to Hamill, multiple different lightsabers were made to help prevent him from cutting his hands on the ridges of the handle, so it will be hard for Profiles in History to confirm with Christian if that specific lightsaber was the first one made. But, as usual, Hammil is looking out for the fans.

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