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Star Wars Logo Creator Comments on its Fascist Origins

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Star Wars Logo Creator Comments on its Fascist Origins

Suzy Rice, the designer behind the “Star Wars” logo revealed early conversations she had with George Lucas about his ideas for the logo in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Few fans of the franchise know that the logo began with the premise of making it look “very fascist.”

According to Rice, Lucas had already rejected several logos that had been presented to him. Rice met the director at his office where he told her that the logo for the sci-fi movie should be “something that is very fascist,” would be intimidating and would “rival AT&T.”

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Before meeting Lucas, Rice told THR that she had read a book about German typefaces, which were used by the Nazis war criminal Joseph Goebbels to enforce conformity as part of their fascist regime. The font Goebbels used is said to have inspired Helvetica, known for its tight spacing and uniformity, which in turn inspired Rice to use an offshoot of the font, Helvetica Black.

Rice was informed much later that Lucas would be using her logo design for the film with a change to the “W” to make it the slightly less strict version fans know today.

After spending some time away from Los Angeles and the entertainment industry, Rice returned to hear rumors that minimized her involvement in the creation of the logo. She received no film credit for her work and the studio said that the credits had already been completed and would be too time consuming to recreate. Lucasfilm did acknowledge Rice as the creator of the logo in the 2005 “Star Wars Poster Book,” however.

“There were a few times over the past decades when the achievement seemed to generate terrible negativity, but those times no longer exist,” Rice said.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” came under fire earlier this year after the screenwriters, Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta, wrote anti-Donald Trump tweets and stating that the Empire in “Star Wars” is a white supremacist organization. Members of the right wing group known as the “alt-right” shortly after started a Twitter campaign to boycott the movie surrounding the hashtag #DumpStarWars.

Disney CEO Bob Iger interjected and said that there are no politics in “Star Wars,” a sentiment with which Rice, a Trump supporter, agrees.

“If there’s any similarity from this Rogue One activity to the present, politically, it is simpatico with the Anonymous/WikiLeaks obtaining leaked documentation from U.S. political parties and making available to the public some quite grotesque correspondence among Democrats,” Rice said in an email to Heat Vision, referencing emails that were hacked from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee and were subsequently published on Wikileaks.

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Rice did mention that Lucas’ first goal was to channel archetypes for the drama that drove the movie. Rice said that reducing the archetypes of the original movies to the current political landscape would be akin to “an exercise in graffiti-with-crayons.”

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