<i>Star Wars</i> Live-Action TV Series Has a Working Title: <i>Underworld</i>

Budget concerns are still keeping the long-discussed live-action Star Wars TV series at bay. From earlier reports, we knew the project would be set between the third and fourth Star Wars movies while Luke and Leia are growing up, but would not actually feature them. The series focuses on the seedy side of the long-ago galaxy as it follows the rising Empire and some of the more unseemly elements like gangsters and bounty hunters. Even with 50 scripts completely finished, the series is still on hold. IGN talked to Lucasfilm bigwig Rick McCallum mainly about his upcoming film Red Tails, but also coaxed some Star Wars TV information out of him, including that the working title for the series is Star Wars: Underworld.

You can see the full video below, but the gist of the conversation revolves around the huge changes going on in television that make it difficult to find a good place for the series, budget concerns for all the special effects, and claims that each episode of the show is bigger, more adult and complex than the prequels.

Here's a question for the readers: Would you rather see these stories told right now in a different format, like comics, animation or novels, or do you want to wait until the technology gets to the right place and the landscape of television becomes more firm?

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