<i>Star Wars</i> Live-Action TV Series Exists, 50 Hours Developed

The Star Wars live-action TV series is every fan's fairy-tale wish. Fabulous things have been done with the Clone Wars animated series, which honestly gets better with each passing season, but Star Wars was born as a live-action franchise and having that universe come to life on TV on a weekly basis would be a dream come true.

Unfortunately, that dream has been deferred again and again. There have always been suspicions as to why, but franchise mastermind George Lucas hasn't spoken on the topic in some time. Well, he recently sat down for an interview on G4's Attack of the Show. The focus was the newly relaunched Disney attraction "Star Tours," but a question was slipped in about the live-action series.

Lucas said that 50 hours of television have been developed. It's not really clear if it's been filmed, but even if it has, whatever footage there is is not complete. The content "sits on a shelf" while Lucas waits for the production costs to come down. He says that the show compares with the movies in terms of the scale of the execution, and he wants to make sure it is done right, with no compromises, before it arrives on television. Which is a bummer, yes, but also a good thing. Unless you really want a "special edition" of the TV series to come out 20 years later.

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