Star Wars: Marvel Just Gave Princess Leia Her Own Rogue One Mission

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars #62 by Kieron Gillen, Andrea Brocarrdo, Guru-eFX and VC's Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

While the new Star Wars movies have left the fanbase polarized, the prequel known as Star Wars: A Rogue One Story pretty much stuck to basics. We saw Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso leading rebels on a quest to gather intel and possibly stop the Death Star, hoping to change the course of the galaxy for the better.

Coincidentally, many fans saw parallels between Jyn and Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia, with both representing strong women that the new movies are clearly trying to incorporate more of. But while Jyn's mission came before Leia's, Issue #62 goes on to illustrate that Leia did take lead from Jyn, carrying out a plan that feels very similar to what Jyn cooked up in Rogue One a few years later.

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In Rogue One, Jyn was tasked with bringing her dad, Galen, back to the Rebel Alliance so he could share insight into the Death Star. However, those plans were scuppered and he died in her hands, only for it to be revealed that the weapon's weakness was hidden in a data bank on Scarif.

Jyn then assembled a team, who were broken after the Jedi planet of Jedha was decimated by the Death Star. She rallied the likes of Cassian Andor, his robot K-2S0, the Imperial defector Bodhi Rook and the Force-sensitive duo of Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus to travel with her to steal the info. And so they did, but before they all perished, they transmitted the schematics to Leia herself, thus setting up the beginning of A New Hope.

Leia's mission, while it's just as important as Jyn's, comes from a place of ego and revenge. Earlier in this arc, Queen Trios of Sho-Torun betrayed the alliance at Mako-Ta, which allowed Vader (just before The Empire Strikes Back) to launch a massive assault on the rebels.

They lost a lot of good soldiers in that battle, with Han Solo even commandeering an X-Wing after the Millennium Falcon went down, to save the day. Leia's crew barely escaped, but the body count was large, leading them to rebuild at the Home One base. But, secretly, she's been plotting against someone she considered a sister.

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Coincidentally, as personal as it is, when Leia and her people hacked Sho-Torun's layout from Trios' ship, they found out the planet was sending riches, weapons and key minerals to the Empire to continue its tyranny. In short, Trios was helping fund Palpatine's partnership, acting as an informant all along. But the princess has been steadfastly scheming, even behind Luke and Han's backs, which does worry them a bit.

Luckily, she reassures she hasn't lost her way, but that she wants to embark on a covert raid like Jyn did. This provides the opportunity to extract details on Sho-Torun's allies, where its weapons cells are located and how to liberate the people under Trios. Sho-Torun isn't a Death Star per se, but Leia believes such a planet using its resources for evil is inevitably weakening the galaxy, and with the sense of disquiet around her operations, Trios must be taken down.

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Luke and Han are finally convinced that they should invade, but admit they need a capable and trusted crew, as the disastrous Mako-Ta incident thinned their ranks. Leia knows her rebels are in a spiral recovering from the attack, and so, just like Jyn, she hires a ragtag crew on the fly. She brings into the fold the notorious shapeshifter Tunga, assassins from the remains of Jedha and her own hacker, Meorti.

It's Rogue One all over again because now Leia, as spirited and determined as ever, has the tools in place to launch a stealthy assault of her own. Just like Jyn lost her dad, Leia lost key friends, and now at a time when the rebels are at a crossroads, Leia is planning a strike to stymie the Empire for the long haul.

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