Star Wars Legends Revealed

In honor of the new hit Star Wars film, we've decided to feature a collection of our past Comic Book Legends Revealed installments that involve Star Wars


1. Did Marvel turn down the chance to publish the series that kickstarted two decades' worth of Star Wars titles at Dark Horse Comics, Star Wars: Dark Empire?

2. Did Marvel repurpose an unused issue of John Carter of Mars as an issue of Star Wars?

3. Did Alan Moore really coin the term "Sith lord"?

4. Did Jack Kirby change the ending to his Fourth World Saga after watching Return of the Jedi?

5. Did Marvel accidentally hit upon the plot of Return of the Jedi during their Marvel Star Wars series?


6. Did Dark Horse nearly have a Star Wars "What If...?" comic where Luke became Leia's consort?

7. Did a comic book writer take his name off of a Star Wars issue because Lucasfilm made him change the ending due to their belief that pacifism does not exist in the Star Wars Universe?

8. Did the last issue of Marvel's first volume of Star Wars sell so poorly that it was not even released on to newstands?

9. Did a Star Wars comic book writer came up with a rather randy character name as a joke but then see the joke name make it into print?

10. Was the first original story featuring the characters from Star Wars a comic book story in the pages of, of all things, Pizzazz?!


11. Did Lucasfilm allow a Hungarian bootleg version of Star Wars too be published officially nearly thirty years after it began?

12. Was Snapper Carr really named after George Lucas?

13. Did George Lucas personally take issue with a character in the Marvel Star Wars series?

14. Did a bad Danish translation lead to an oddly risque line in an issue of Marvel's Star Wars title?

15. Did an old issue of Marvel Preview use the term "Sith lord" before Star Wars did?

16. Are there six Marvel UK Star Wars stories that have never been reprinted in the United States?

17. Did Walter Simonson add a character based after himself into an issue of Star Wars?


18. Was Bucky O'Hare based on the Star Wars character Jaxxon?

19. Did Jan Duursema have a Jedi Knight named after her?

20. Did Gene Day sell a portfolio of Star Wars art without getting Lucasfilm's permission first?

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