Was Star Wars Legacy Canceled Due to Conflicts With Star Wars Novels?

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comic legend:

star wars legacy was canceled due to continuity conflicts with star wars novels.


i'm going with false

in 2006, dark horse comics unveiled star wars legacy, a series by john ostrander, jan duursema and dan parsons that told the story of the star wars universe 125 years after the events of return of jedi (or maybe 125 years after a new hope? i forget).

it was super awesome.

anyhow, it ended after "just" 50 issues.

at the time, i complained about it, as i thought it was a shame that such a great series, which was still doing pretty well in sales, was canceled.

reader joseph t. wrote in about the cancellation:

researching the end of star wars legacy brought me to this article of yours from back in the day (https://www.cbr.com/really-dumb-ideas-cancelling-star-wars-legacy/). now, i was shocked as anyone at the cancellation and underwhelmed by the war miniseries that felt like they tried to cram six entire tpbs into six single issues.

i remember reading a rumor on theforce.net's boards, i believe, a few years after the fact, that the series was cancelled after an author or authors of the novels started to complain that the series--set nearly a century after the last novel in the now-legends line--had "painted them in a corner" and hampered any potential plots they may have come up with.

is there any hint of truth to this rumor that you know of?

looking into it, joseph, i really don't think that that had anything to do with it.

dark horse had just recently also ended their popular conan series at #50...

at the time, john ostrander explained that he had worked closely with the legacy of force novelists for the plot of the series. meanwhile, sue rostoni, the person in charge of this stuff for lucasfilm, explained that they also had cleared everything about the comic book series with the novelists working on legacy of the force, so everyone was cool.

not only that, but note that star wars legacy then came back as a series in 2013, lasting until dark horse had to wrap up their books because they lost the star wars license to marvel comics.

so while i guess people could have lied or something like that, the fact that another popular series also ended at 50 (the theory is that it is harder to sell trade paperbacks of a series once you hit into the double digits, so it is better to reboot the numbering), that the people involved said it wasn't a problem and they ended up bringing it back after a couple of years, i'm pretty confident giving this one a "false."

thanks so much for the question, joseph!

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