5 Questions The Last Jedi Refuses To Answer

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

When J.J. Abrams reintroduced Star Wars to the masses in 2015, he really did revamp it for a new generation. A lot of homages were paid to the George Lucas trilogies, especially in terms of plot, but with respect to characters, The Force Awakens introduced quite a few of them, and as a result, some intriguing mysteries developed.

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Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi now has quite the task on its hands, not just in terms of connecting the dots with all these new characters, but also how they line up to Lucas' already-established universe. After all, the more we know about how the war between the First Order and the Resistance evolved since Return of the Jedi, the better we can understand the new story. In addition to this, fans were wondering about the mystery of the Force and the balance between the Light and the Dark that the mythos is built on. Well, let's just say quite a few lingering issues are left unresolved, with Johnson's movie refusing to answer them.



The Last Jedi delivers nothing on Snoke's origins and his motivations at all. We simply learn that he just wants to end the concept of the Jedi by taking Luke Skywalker out. But for those hoping that Johnson would divulge more about the character that Abrams debuted, well, you're out of luck. There's nothing about his past, how he became such a strong Force wielder, why he isn't a full-blown Sith, and why he despises Luke and the Light.

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It's never explained how he took over the reins as galactic tyrant from Palpatine and became the Supreme Leader, or why Hux and the First Order follow him. Most of all, we never discover how Snoke finds Kylo Ren and manages to corrupt him. It's hard to really connect with a villain when you don't know who he is or why he does what he does. We also don't know what he is, apart from a very tall alien!



The Force Awakens saw Rey receive the blue lightsaber Luke lost in The Empire Strikes Back when Vader cut his arm off in Cloud City. Maz Kanata gave it to her, and here we were hoping for more as to how Maz discovered it in the first place. Maz has a brief role in this new film, but the lightsaber issue isn't addressed.

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Star Wars Aftermath: Empire's End from Chuck Wendig hinted that Lando Calrissian could have found it in Cloud City, and given he knows Maz, as seen in the Star Wars LEGO series, maybe she got it from him? Or maybe she found it in her black market dealings and due to her Force sensitivity, she knew it was Luke's and that Rey would come? This remains unanswered and ends up being a MacGuffin that simply helped The Force Awakens connect Rey to the reclusive Luke.


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