The Last Jedi: There Is NO Post-Credits Scene (But You Should Still Wait To The End)

Thanks to movies from Marvel Studios and Warner Bros., it's become the norm for die-hard movie-goers to wait after a movie's credits have rolled to catch a hint towards what will happen next in a franchise. You'd think with Star Wars, being a product of Disney - who own Marvel Studios - would hop on board the hype train and tease Episode IX at the end of The Last Jedi, but it's just not the case.

No Star Wars flick thus far has included a post-credits sting, but the series doesn't suddenly need to conform to the norms of today's blockbusters. The studio has enough faith that fans will turn up to the next instalment of the story without a post-credits tease, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wait behind in the theater. It's still worth waiting behind after you've watched the film.

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As any Star Wars fan, or pop culture fan for that matter, will know - Carrie Fisher unfortunately passed away late in 2016. Fisher's role in Star Wars was integral and has been celebrated ever since she showed up as Princess Leia Organa in 1977, so her passing was a big deal to millions. She also appeared to be a great, loving, and hilarious person as well as a celebrated actress, so you'll be glad to know that The Last Jedi honors her life after the movie finishes. Carrie Fisher is given the intergalactic send off she deserves.

Carrie Fisher

There has been much discussion regarding Fisher's future in the Star Wars series, especially when it was decided upon that her arc in The Last Jedi would remain unaltered - instead, the movies going forward would redirect their focus from her character. Much like the movie's many unpredictable twists and turns, the credits contains a surprise of its own.

With the eighth chapter in the Star Wars saga being her last, a touching title card appears after the first set of credits, stating "In Loving Memory of our Princess: Carrie Fisher", a sentiment that will carry a lot of weight for those who choose to see the movie. The wording is everything. Carrie was royalty among the titanic Star Wars fanbase, and was a role model to females everywhere for over forty years.

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Some may say that it would have made sense to include a tribute to the late and great actor in the iconic opening crawl that Star Wars has become synonymous with, but the tribute has more impact at the end of the movie because it stands on its own; there's no distraction, the focus is solely on commemorating Fisher.

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