Star Wars: The Rebel Alliance Plots a Mutiny on Admiral Ackbar's Home Planet

Star Wars heroic Rebel Alliance is a diverse body, made up of many different species and cultures working together toward a common goal. One particularly important and fan favorite part of the Rebellion is the aquatic Mon Calamari. Their powerful cruisers and the heroes that commanded them, like Admirals Ackbar and Raddus, were instrumental in the battles of Scarif and Endor. This week Marvel Comics fans got a chance to learn more about the planet those naval heroes hail from, and the culture that produced their fantastic ships.

In Star Wars #44 writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca kick off a new arc titled “Mutiny on Mon Cala.” The storyline, which sends Princess Leia and her friends to the titular world in pursuit of its fabled cruisers, starts off as a diplomatic mission and quickly turns into an action packed caper involving a shapeshfting rebel agent, the Regent of Mon Cala, and the Imperial affiliated Shu-Toran Queen, Trios, who Gillen revealed to be an ally of the Rebel Alliance in his inaugural Star Wars arc.

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CBR spoke with Gillen about the situation the Rebels will encounter on Mon Cala, the fun he and Larroca had bringing the planet to life, and the challenge that came from trying to avoid having Admiral Ackbar utter his signature line of, “It's a trap.”

CBR: Your initial Star Wars arc took the cast to the devastated world of Jedha. It had some pretty dark moments, but it ended with the Rebels celebrating a major victory. What did it mean for your cast to win the day on Jedha? How will that have impacted them when you pick up with them in issue #44?

Kieron Gillen: One of the aims of the first arc was to show the cast responding to what happened to Jedha because that seems like a key thing. They would have known about it. What on Earth does someone like Luke make of the events of Rogue One? The other part was I wanted to introduce my take on all the characters. This is where I see Leia, this is where I see Luke, and this is where I see Han. That's kind of where we are.

Art from Star Wars #45, by Salvador Larroca and Guru-eFX

Now, the second thing that I'm interested in is what the Rebellion is trying to do. This is me as the uber writer coming in and going, “The Rebellion? What does that even mean? What are your tactics to try and stop the Empire?” On one level Star Wars is a heroic space fantasy, but it's like, “What are you actually doing to rebel?”

We got half of the basic primer of resistance in Jedha on the smallest level. Now we're showing things on a larger level. For the first arc, it's partialy “Whatever the Empire is trying to do we're going to make that as hard and expensive as possible. So it's likely that they may collapse from over extension.” Those are classic insurgency tactics.

So this next arc is kind of the bigger plan. It's the Rebellion asking, “If something like the Death Star happens again what do we do?” The story starts with a diplomatic mission. They're basically trying to ferment a rebellion on Mon Cala. They want a load of Mon Cala cruisers. They can refit them and have a great fleet, and as we know when they get to the Battle of Endor there's a load of Mon Cala cruisers there. So on some level I'm explaining where some of them came from. That's kind of what this arc is about, but it's also about a lot more than that.

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