Star Wars: Don't Expect Rian Johnson's Trilogy Until at Least 2020

While Rian Johnson is hard at work writing a brand new trilogy of Star Wars films set apart from the main Skywalker saga, longtime producing partner Ram Bergman revealed the first film won't be released until 2020 at the earliest.

"I can’t tell you because we don’t know yet. Maybe in two years; it’s just in the early stages," Bergman responded when asked by Israeli news site From the Grapevine when to expect the first installment in Johnson's planned trilogy.

Shortly before the release of The Last Jedi, LucasFilm announced that Johnson was developing a trilogy of films outside of the Skywalker saga that would feature previously unexplored elements of the Star Wars mythos. Bergman, who is reteaming with Johnson to produce the trilogy as he did Episode VIII, confirmed that the trilogy will focus on entirely new characters and worlds.

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"It’s a completely new trilogy that writer-director Rian Johnson, my partner, is going to create. It’s all new characters. Everything is new," Bergman explained.

This supports previous comments from Johnson that audiences should not expect to see any familiar faces from other Star Wars movies in his new films.

Finally, Bergman downplayed any theories that audiences are becoming fatigued by new Star Wars films every year in the wake of Solo: A Star Wars Story's lukewarm box office performance.

"The kids can’t get enough of Star Wars," Bergman said.

With Episode IX, written and directed by returning filmmaker JJ Abrams, set for release on December 20, 2019, it will be interesting to if the franchise can recoup its box office clout.

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