Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Starter Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the game that promised it would give Star Wars fans -- both new and old -- exactly what they want, is finally here, and publisher Respawn Entertainment did not players let down.

But what's it like to actually be a Jedi in this new, vast world? Beginning the game can be a little intimidating. It is definitely different from the previously released Star Wars games. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks of the best ways to start the game to get you ready to become a Jedi Master.

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The gameplay for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is fairly straightforward. Objectives are clearly defined on the map and it's easy for fans of all ages to follow. You even get an adorable robot, BD-1, as a map guide! However, the overall gameplay itself may not be for everyone, as different aspects of it are fairly difficult.

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When it comes to the map, think along the lines of God of War: player goals are easily defined and the map shows exactly where players should go. Although the world feels open, each level is easy to navigate. Things can be tricky, however, when players have to use the Force to find the next platform (more on that later) but this gives players a chance to explore their environment a bit more. However, if you're not used to fighting styles similar to games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, then you may have a bit of an issue.

The fighting style of this game requires players to parry, block, and attack. As previously mentioned, its style is similar to Sekiro but it is nowhere near as impossible to beat. There is a little more give within the fights, so you have time to actually parry out of the way. If you're not familiar with this style of gameplay, we'd recommend starting on an easier setting.

Additionally, there is no penalty if players have to change their difficulty setting during the game. So, if players accidentally bite off more than they can chew, it is not a big deal to switch it up.

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Perhaps the biggest draw to Fallen Order is that you get the chance to experience the Force, and you'll be pleased to know it is an easy mechanism that is both fun and entertaining to use. Within a battle, there are many ways the player can stretch their Force muscles, including the standard Jedi trick of blocking blaster shots. Blocking blaster fire is probably the most satisfying thing to do. If timed right, the player can block the shots and repel them back to the enemy to knock them down. However, the Force is not as helpful against bosses or strong opponents.

The Force is not just used for attacks, either. Players are able to use it to break open walls and access places that were previously blocked off. This gives players the chance to explore the area they may be trapped in. Each level is fairly interactive, so players should take some time to discover the area with the Force. Treasure hides everywhere!

The game system also has a skill tree to improve different aspects of your character, which players can access by interacting with a Meditation circle, giving them a chance to rest and heal up and spend their skill points.

There are five skill tiers in total, and each tier is unlocked after either completing major story milestones or completing a tomb or temple. It is recommended that players start by improving Cal's health (the main protagonist). At the game's start, Cal does not have much health or Force points and improving both of these will ensure players can survive longer.

Additionally, players should add points to the Superior Blocking skill. This will be helpful on Zeffo and Kashyyyk as players face larger and stronger groups of enemies. You can also use skill points to improve your lightsaber handling and the Force.

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There is one thing you may want to get right away, and that's a coveted dual-bladed lightsaber. It's not necessary to get right off the bat, but it is very fun to use. Players have the chance to access the lightsaber surprisingly early in the game. However, you should also be warned -- getting this awesome power is difficult. The path is paved with powerful enemies that block the way. This seems like the right time to reiterate that players are able to change the difficulty setting at any time without penalty. Also, remember to pack lots of midi-chlorians (yes, they're just not going away!) and buff up your skill tree.

When presented with the option of where to explore next, choose Dathomir and not Zeffo. From here, follow the BD-1 map toward the Brother's Bastion area. There are enemies blocking the way that are pretty powerful. Players definitely have the option to run as there is no need to fight them right now. At the end of the path stands a cloaked figure. Approaching him will trigger a cutscene where the figure is mostly spouting nonsense. From here, follow the path briefly to find a cave. Head inside and a shrine-like bench awaits -- you can't miss it. Check out the bench and, congratulations, you'd just got your own dual-bladed lightsaber!

The dual-bladed lightsaber, as you'd expect, is a welcome addition to any player's arsenal. However, the lightsaber does come with its limits. While the dual-blade is perfect for situations where weak enemies are overwhelming you, as well as for blocking blaster fire, its not ideal for one-on-one fights against powerful adversaries, so you should remember to switch between the dual-blade and the single blade as needed.

Master both blades, and you will be a Jedi Master in no time!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is published by Respawn Entertainment, available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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