EA Announces Star Wars: Jedi -- Fallen Order, Set Between Episodes III & IV


Today at California's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Electronic Arts announced a new Star Wars game from Respawn, the creators of Titanfall and Titanfall 2. CEO Vince Zampella was sitting in the crowd and got to casually reveal the new title his studio is working on: Star Wars: Jedi--Fallen Order.

While there was no footage, Zampella was able to disclose some light details on the game. The game will be set in the years in between cinematic Episodes III and IV, while the title implies sometime after the Jedi massacre of Order 66. Zampella said that it would be during the "dark times" and that naturally, players will pick up a lightsaber during the game.

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Don't expect the game to arrive in 2018, however. Zampella said that Jedi--Fallen Order will launch in the vague release window of Holiday 2019 (and presumably for the current generation of consoles), but next year's E3 will definitely feature the game in some capacity.

The announcement of this new Star Wars game comes shortly after it was reported that a multiplayer-focused game is also in development. There was no mention of this game during the EA presser.

Stay tuned to CBR as more Star Wars-centric video game news is revealed from E3.

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