Movie Legends: Did Jar Jar Binks Almost Have His Own Annoying Sidekick?

MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: Jar Jar Binks was originally going to have his own annoying sidekick in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Love him or hate him, it is clear that Jar Jar Binks' role in the first Star Wars prequel, The Phantom Menace, was that of comic relief. More specifically, the comedy that he was meant to provide was supposed to derive from him being a bit annoying to the other heroes of the series. He certainly means well, but in the end, he gets on everyone's nerves (and technically, when he becomes a politician later on, he kind of sort of is directly responsible for getting Palpatine named Emperor due to his call for emergency powers for Palpatine, emergency powers that Palpatine never gave back).

However, amazingly enough, Jar Jar Binks was originally going to have his OWN annoying sidekick! Yes, oddly enough, George Lucas' original plans for the character would have been to up the antics a notch or two by giving Jar Jar his own wacky pet that would cause even MORE hilarity (or at least alleged hilarity) in Jar Jar's scenes in the film.

The great Terryl Whitlatch did concept art for Jar Jar's pet, which would be a species called a Blarth...

They're basically like dogs and that would be how they would be factored into Phantom Menace, as basically Jar Jar's dog. Of course, they would get into wacky hijinx, as seen here in this Whitlach concept art for the movie...

The idea is that, while they are good-natured animals, they are also very much into getting attention paid to them constantly and when they feel like they are being ignored, they go out of their way to correct that problem, which can sometimes end up with them causing a whole lot of mischief.

Ultimately, Lucas figured that this was one annoying sidekick too many, so he dropped the character.

However, Whitlach drew the Blarth into Thee Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide, so blarths are now part of Star Wars canon. Maybe Finn can get a pet blarth in the next Star Wars film!

The legend is...


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