Star Wars: Luke, Han & Leia Reunite in New Animated Shorts

Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and the rest of the cast of the original Star Wars films are about to be reunited in a brand-new series of animated shorts.

At the end of the month, Disney is debuting a brand-new YouTube channel, Star Wars Kids. The channel will launch with the first shorts from a new animated series, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures. The series will use dialogue, sound effects and music from the original Star Wars films to make new animated reimaginings of classic scenes from the movies.

The series is intended as part of a wave of Star Wars content to be released in the next year, culminating in the release of Star Wars: Episode IX in December of 2019.

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A trailer has been released for the shorts, with highlights including Princess Leia kicking a Stormtrooper in the chest, a massive Wampa bearing down on Luke Skywalker and some pretty great Han Solo and Chewbacca shenanigans. The crisp look of the animation works well with the audio from the films, particularly with Princess Leia facing down Darth Vader from a reimagining of the opening scene of A New Hope.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures premieres on Nov. 30.

(via StarWars.com)

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