Star Wars: The 20 Most Powerful Force Abilities, Ranked

Force Powers -- there's more to them than just choking people and grabbing things with your mind. Granted, if all you've ever seen are the main canonical movies, then that's essentially all you've ever been exposed to. The Force though is so much more than just telekinesis. It is a deep and intertwined relationship with the world surrounding the Jedi and Sith, and how the Force's midi-chlorian hosts react to these interactions. An individual with a deeper understanding of the Force would have not been surprised by Luke Skywalker's Force Projection in The Last Jedi. Yet, so little is known and ultimately explored that even that power leaves much to speculation.

As the Force reacts differently given its particular user, the more advanced and taxing techniques may not be available to all. Some techniques are so difficult that only a small handful of masters have ever been able to wield their power. And, of course, there are those that are so powerful that practicing them will lead to the demise of the user and the recipient. So, how much can you do with the Force? Below is our list of the 20 most powerful, and interesting, Force powers. Keeping in mind that many of these powers involve manipulating matter, there is an overlap between telekinesis and its adjoining techniques. We're digging deep with this list though so telekinesis is taken care of right off the bat. So read through the list and let us know which Force powers you feel are the strongest, and which ones should be thrown in the Legends bin.

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You could argue that telekinesis is the underlying basis of any good Force power. When most people think of Force abilities, especially those who strictly watch the movies, it is more often than not telekinesis that they see. Whether it is a Vader Force Choke, Luke reaching out to his lightsaber, or Obi-Wan jumping up numerous stories, they all derive from the same power base.

So, how can Force users do this? What allows Yoda to fling a giant stone at Count Dooku? The Force allows users a certain degree of power in manipulating matter, as such this manipulation can occur from a distance. The greater the distance, size of the object or stress on the user, the greater the consequence on the Force users ability to manipulate the object in question.


One of the most ubiquitous Force abilities, Force Sense is simply a Force user's ability to feel the ripples flowing throughout the universe. These ripples in the Force can be caused by anything, such as traumatic events, physical danger to a loved one, or the general vibe of a particular being.

It was by utilizing Force Sense that Obi-Wan felt the destruction of Alderaan. It is also how Darth Vader knew Obi-Wan was on the Death Star without having seen him in years. This ability brings a level of interconnectivity to the universe and hints at the long-term repercussions that any one particular act can have.


Theran Force-Listening is a technique developed by the Theran race on Nam Chorios to speak with Force-sensitive crystals. This ability allows the user to communicate with someone while not speaking their native tongue.

There have been multiple instances of this technique being used within proper Star Wars canon and Legends. Both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn have been seen to use this technique, as well as Ahsoka Tano. Within the Legends canon, both Solo twins have used the technique at different times as they were taught the ability by the Theran's after the Yuuzhan Vong War.


The power to levitate utilizes the same basic Force techniques as does telekinesis. The distinct difference between the two is that general Force Telekinesis is the manipulation of an object other than the Force user, while levitation is the self-manipulation of the user themselves. Necessitating a much larger degree of power, levitation is not a common power amongst Force users.

For those who can levitate, an extremely powerful individual can perform Force Flight. The skill, which is extremely difficult and only possible to the most accomplished masters, allows the user to maintain flight for a small distance. Usually at the expense of extreme energy usage and exhaustion.


jedi mind trick obi wan kenobi

Force Whisper, or its more common name, the Jedi Mind Trick, is the ability to manipulate a sentient creatures mind. Jedi's utilize the technique to acquire information utilizing a non-violent method. While Dark Side users perform the technique to pull information from their targets mind or plant suggestions that are otherwise untrue.

While the technique is highly powerful, it can only be utilized on those whose minds are easily manipulated and open to suggestions. Several species within the Universe are immune to the technique. These include Hutts, Toydarians, Falleen, and Dashade. Given the ramifications of mind control, Jedi's are very careful in implementing this technique as it can easily lead to the Dark Side.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to create fire from thin air. Related to a Force user's telekinetic powers, the fire is initiated by the extreme rubbing of air molecules. This rubbing creates enough friction to initiate a blaze without any real incendiary material.

While pyrokinesis is an extreme ability, plenty of Force users are adept at fire manipulation. There are many instances within the proper Star Wars canon as well as Legends that have shown both Jedi and Sith manipulating fire. Even fringe users such as the Nightsisters of Dathomir have been known to manipulate fire as a weapon and tool.


In much the same way you would use a Revitalize spell in a role-playing game, Jedi are able to manipulate the Force to Revitalize a fallen or injured comrade. The technique only functions on organic creatures and is a personal process necessitating the recipient to open up to the Force user.

Long used by the Jedi throughout battles, Revitalize is very effective but can leave the practitioner drained. As such, it must be used sparingly and with a gentle touch. It is known that Luke Skywalker was able to perform this technique.


While Jedi's could use a Revitalize technique to heal those around them, in an individual needed to heal they could use a similar technique on themselves. Known as a Healing Trance or Hibernation Trance, the objective remained the same in which the user would slow the heart and metabolic rate down to a fraction of the normal state. This would allow their body to divert resources and heal as needed.

Some users would use a Hibernation Trance to prolong their ability to survive in the face of limited resources, such as water or air. A trance could also be used as a tool to trick others into thinking the Force user was deceased, as only precise medical equipment would detect the user's faint heartbeat.


A Protection Bubble is a technique utilized by both the Jedi and Sith, and for all intents and purposes, it is exactly the same as Sue Richards' ability from the Fantastic Four, or Violet's ability from The Incredibles.

For a Force user, creating a Protection Bubble is a difficult task. The bubble usually takes on a blue-ish hue, although the Nightsisters of Dathomir are able to create bubbles which are green in hue. Protection Bubbles can be quite strong and deflect blaster bolts, physical material such as rocks and debris, as well as Force Lightning in extreme cases.


Force Light is a physical manifestation of the Light Side of the Force. By utilizing the technique, a user is directly attacking a Dark Side user's connection to the Force and negating their ability to communicate with it.

Extreme cases of Force Light bring a glowing aura to the user. Numerous Jedi have used this ability throughout time, including Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo. Jacen Solo used Force Light to reach a level of oneness with the Force during the climactic battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. It is said though that the most adept Jedi to wield Force Light are Yoda, Thon and Nomi Sunrider.


An ancient technique utilized by the Jedi's of the Old Republic, Force Weapon is a ceremony that allows the user to channel and ultimately bond the Force unto a particular weapon. The clear benefits to this are increasing the weapon's ability to inflict and absorb damage. The ceremony also increases the users bond to a particular weapon, allowing to work in a greater sense of symbiosis.

To some extent, all lightsabers have a degree of the Force within them. However, the technique has been most famously used by Vodo-Siosk Baas, whose Force imbued walking stick was strong enough to block and parry Exar Kun's lightsaber.


A Force Illusion is an extreme example of Jedi Mind Control and is ultimately used by either side of the Force. This skill can take dramatic iterations as the user can conjure projections, apparitions, or even Force projections of themselves.

The most skilled users of this technique utilize it to blend almost seemingly into their surroundings. Obi-Wan is a prime example of incorporating this technique in a subtle form as he was able to mask himself for decades. Of course, the most recent example of this was Luke Skywalker's Force projection during The Last Jedi. Ultimately though, the amount of interaction such a projection can have with the physical world is up for debate.


Severe Force is a technique used predominantly by Light Side practitioners to shield an individuals connection to the Force. While the connotation of the technique makes it seem that the targeted individual is having their powers removed, in actuality you are bathing them in a wall of light that for all intents and purposes blocks their connection.

Many consider this the most powerful attack a Jedi can perform. There have been numerous instances of this technique being used, most famously by Vergere against Jacen Solo during the "Yuuzhan Vong War", and then by Jacen himself on his younger cousin Ben Skywalker.


Kylo Ren and Rey

Derived from the same technique as the Jedi Mind Trick, a Force Probe or Mind Probe is far more aggressive in its usage. By utilizing a Mind Probe, the Force user can forcibly, and many times violently, penetrate an individuals mind to extract information.

While this may result in the successful acquisition of the desired information, it can leave the recipient's mind fractured and damaged. The damage can be too much for many, leaving some people comatose and or unable to mentally function. Given the severity of the technique, it is almost exclusively performed by Sith Force users.


A Dark Side technique, Force Lightning remains one of the most visually impressive weapons in a Sith's arsenal. Conjouring lightning from their fingertips, Force Lightning is highly effective and can cause significant damage to the intended target. The lightning can be blocked by various means, including a lightsaber, or some other high-intensity energy shield. Skilled masters, such as Master Yoda, can block the lightning with the Force itself. Although this is extremely dangerous.

Contrary to popular belief the scarring that Palpatine suffers as his lightning is turned back on him by Mace Windu is not caused by his Force Lightning hitting him, but rather the overexertion that taxed Palpatine's body.


Darth Vader Rising

A Dark Side technique that expounds on Force Weapon, Sith Alchemy takes the Jedi ceremony one step further and utilizes it to imbue Dark Side energies on weapons, armor, toxins as well as creatures. It has been said that Sith Alchemy can even be used to bring about the undead.

One of the greatest practitioners of this Dark Side art was Darth Plagueis, who subsequently taught it to his apprentice Darth Sidious. It is speculated that during Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader, that Darth Sidious utilized Sith Alchemy to cement Anakin's bond with the dark side of the Force. Making him that greater of a tool for the Dark Side.


Battle Meditation is one of the most effective and powerful weapons a Force user can utilize during a large scale battle. The technique requires an extremely powerful individual to envelop all or the majority of the troops under their control. By bringing all these individuals together and melding them, the direction and actions occurring throughout the battle are openly visible to the Force user.

With this information, the Force user can make informed decisions and sway their armies. This effectively makes them a better fighting unit. Similar strategies can be seen in the hive mind actions of particular species, as they are able to take information and distribute commands to all their warriors through the hive mind.


During Darth Sidious's wooing of Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side, one of the tales he told was that of Darth Plagueis, who was so strong he could cheat death. While Darth Plagueis was known to cheat death utilizing Midi-Chlorian Manipulation, he taught his apprentice the art of Spirit Transference.

In this ceremony, the Dark Side user is able to transfer their essence into that of another host, thereby granting themselves a degree of immortality. Palpatine used this technique to transfer from his original body into clone bodies after the Battle of Yavin. Darth Bane, the founder of the modern Sith religion, is known to have attempted Spirit Transference but was only partially successful.


Utilized by Darth Bane to annihilate the last remaining vestiges of the ancient Sith order, the Thought Bomb is an incredibly powerful weapon that can completely destroy all physical and spiritual bodies of the Force users found within its vicinity.

To successfully cojure and detonate a Thought Bomb requires the cooperation of a large number of Sith Masters working in unison. This quorom of power must then detonate the bomb, instantly unleashing the full power of the Dark Side. The resulting annihilation pools the spirits of all the Force users in its wake to a central orb that emerges at the heart of the bomb. This orb will house the Force spirits of the fallen.


Midi-chlorian Manipulation is a rare technique that has only been seen a handful of times, mostly by Darth Plagueis. The technique requires an extreme degree of manipulation to convince the Midi-Chlorians with a body to create life. It is this technique that Darth Plagueis and Palpatine utilized to manipulate the Force into creating Anakin Skywalker, resulting in his mother spontaneously becoming pregnant.

While Palpatine knew of the technique and had assisted his former master in performing it, he was unable to perform it alone. It is this technique and the lure of saving those he loved that Palpatine used as a lure to turn Anakin to the Dark Side.

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