Star Wars Adventures FCBD Pays Tribute to Harrison Ford with New Character

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Star Wars Adventures FCBD, in stores now

While Free Comic Book Day is a chance for readers to get a handful of issues from their favorite publishers at no cost, it also the prefect opportunity for those same publishers to launch new storylines or events. This year, IDW Publishing treated Star Wars fans to a Han Solo story that precedes his tale from the upcoming Star Wars Adventures #10. What’s more is that this is the first comic book to depict Han as he looks played by Alden Ehrenreich in the upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story. And even better than that, a brand new character debuts that seems to be an homage to the original Solo, Harrison Ford!

The Star Wars Adventures FCBD issue is written by Cavan Scott (Doctor Who Adventures) and drawn by Derek Charm (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl). While Scott only has a few Star Wars writing credits to his name, he was also recently entrusted to write another tale from Han’s early days in the junior novel Choose Your Destiny: A Han & Chewie Adventure. It might seem unlikely that a “choose your own adventure” book would be canon, but it has been confirmed that one of the possible outcomes is official.

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Back to the subject at hand, the FCBD story details a job where Han and Chewbacca are hired to rescue a diminutive scoundrel that has been captured by Zuckuss and his droid partner 4-LOM. We’re told the “small-time hoodlum” has a sizeable bounty on his head, and that he’s been kept prisoner on-board Zuckuss’ ship, the Mist Hunter, for weeks. But what’s most interesting about this new character is his name: Beris Ford. If it’s not immediately obvious, just add an “on” to “Beris” and you’ll get it. Yes, this new rapscallion is a shoutout to the actor who played Han Solo in Star Wars, its two original sequels, and 2015's The Force Awakens: the one and only Harrison Ford. Even though we are not informed what species Beris belongs to, we should point out that his helmet looks very Mandalorian. A tribute to the original Han that looks like a little Boba Fett? We love it!

Beris Ford in IDW's Star Wars Adventures FCBD

Pick up Star Wars Adventures FCBD at your local comic shop to find out what happens to Beris Ford, Han, Chewie, Zuckuss and 4-LOM.

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