'Star Wars' fans can crochet a squadron of cozy X-wing blankets

We can only assume that, in between searching for Imperial probes and avoiding wampa attacks, there was a lot of down time on icy Hoth. After all, there are only so many tunnels to be dug and tauntauns to be bathed. That's where these X-wing crochet blankets would've come in handy.

You see, they'd have kept the Rebel forces busy and kept them warm.

The blankets are the work of MJ's Off the Hook Designs, which offers patterns in children's and adult sizes. Your legs go into the body of the X-wing, like a sleeping bag, while the wings, I guess, can be wrapped around your torso ... or flung over the arms the of the chair. Whatever flies your fighter.

Pew-pew shooting sounds aren't necessary while you're curled up in the X-wing blanket, but they're probably expected.

(via Nerd Approved)

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