'Star Wars' fan builds his own radio-controlled Millennium Falcon

While it's unlikely to set any records on the Kessel Run, one Star Wars fan has made a radio-controlled Millennium Falcon that does indeed fly.

What Princess Leia might view as a bucket of bolts is actually a hull crafted by Olivier C out of insulant, expanded polystyrene and attached to a quadcopter, which as the name suggests in propelled by four rotors (it's not, Olivier points out, a drone). It's even wired with lights that mimic those on the actual Millennium Falcon.

You can view video of its first flight, which was luckily TIE fighter- and exogorth-free. However, additional footage, purportedly shot on Hoth, demonstrates that not all missions go so smoothly ... and the batteries do drain quickly. Perhaps it would help if someone got out and pushed ...

(via Sideshow Toys)

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