'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Set Photos Showcase Millennium Falcon

Mere days after director Rian Johnson shared a pair of official photos from the set of "Star Wars: Episode VIII," a wave of new images has leaked, revealing the Millennium Falcon at what looks to be a recreation of the setting from the final moments of "The Force Awakens."

The aerial photos debuted in the Daily Mail, casting further doubt on already-questionable reports about a fleet of drones supposedly dispatched by Disney to prevent such leaks.

They show what appears to be a stand-in for Skellig Michael, the Irish island transformed into Ach-To, Luke Skywalker's refuge, for the 2015 blockbuster. Note the distinctive steps. However, the ominous tree is definitely new, and, as Making Star Wars points out, "very Dagobah-like."

"Star Wars: Episode VIII" premieres Dec. 17, 2017.

The Millennium Falcon on set for Star Wars: Episode VIII pic.twitter.com/UlZRjd3rVL

— Star Wars Direct (@StarWarsDirect) April 30, 2016

Star Wars: Episode VIII set pictures [2] pic.twitter.com/Y4jrtyDINS

— Star Wars Direct (@StarWarsDirect) April 30, 2016

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