Star Wars: Episode VIII Gives Fisher's Daughter Billie Lourd a Larger Role

The Force is strong with the Fisher family. In an interview with the BUILD Series on YoTube, Billie Lourd -- "Scream Queens" star and daughter of "Star Wars" legend Carrie Fisher -- confirmed that she will have an expanded role in "Star Wars: Episode VIII."

"Connix is back and better than ever!" Lourd revealed. When the host asked if her character had more than one line, she responded, "Yes... I might get arrested now! Sorry, [director] Rian [Johnson]."

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Lourd played Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix, who uttered the single line in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens": "General, are you seeing this?" -- the general in question being General Leia, as played by Lourde's mother Fisher.

In the interview, Lourd also discussed how she only recently got into "Star Wars" -- not in spite of her mom's legacy, but because of it. "Anything your mom does you're kinda like 'Ugh, seriously, Mom? I don't want to watch that movie. See you in a metal bikini? No, that's disgusting!'" she shared. Fortunately, the actress eventually overcame her aversion to seeing her mother's work and has embraced the fandom.

While her role in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was one of many cameos (Connix's hair was even a nod to her Leia's infamous coif), fans will have to wait another year to find out what Connix's role will be in the as-yet-untitled "Star Wars Episode VIII". Fortunately, we have "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" to tide us over until then.

(via Star Wars News Net)

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