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Star Wars, Doctor Strange, Amazing Spider-Man 2: May 6th Comic Reel

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Star Wars, Doctor Strange, Amazing Spider-Man 2: May 6th Comic Reel


This past Saturday was “Star Wars” appreciation day, and after sorting through the many articles celebrating George Lucas’ fan-favorite and critically acclaimed franchise, there were a few that actually looked into the future for J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars Episode VII.”

The L.A. Times spoke with screenwriter Simon Kinberg about the two standalone films to release in between the three new trilogy films.

“I think what worked so well in all of the ‘Star Wars’ movies is the characters,” Kinberg told the L.A. Times. “I think the reason that they’re different than other science fiction or other genre movies is because George [Lucas] created a universe of people that you wanted to go back and see over and over again, and that’s why it’s spanned and spawned so many different mediums, so many different generations, every different language. You want to go back and see those characters, like I did when I was a kid. ‘Empire Strikes Back’ was the first movie I saw in a movie theater more than once. And I went back 10, 15 times in the theater, and I’ve seen it probably over a 100 times since. But I saw it that many times in the theater because I loved those characters. I loved Han, I loved Leia, I loved Luke, I was right at the age when I was old enough to start to understand the nuance of that movie. I think I was too young for ‘New Hope’ when it came out in the theater, although I loved it and it was my favorite film until ‘Empire.’ And then really, that changed my life, that movie.”

Meanwhile, IGN has posted a report from the CapeTown Film Festival and the surprise appearance from Mark Hamill, where he spoke with assembled fans about what he hopes for the upcoming trilogy.

“That’s what the challenge is, is to try and meet expectations of what you guys want,” Hamill said. “I think there’s nothing wrong with CGI, but I think you have to have a balance, because the camera perceives the width and the depth and the weight – even if it’s a miniature model, the camera just realizes that. So when you have too much CGI and the clouds are CGI and the trees are CGI and the buildings are CGI, you’re getting to a point where the figure in the shot is like a hybrid of an animated film and live-action. And I want it to have an organic look so that we don’t get into Roger Rabbit territory. But I don’t imagine that the priority is what I want!”


Collider spoke with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about what to expect from “The Avengers 2,” which will have a subtitle and not just be a numbered sequel.

“Well Joss has said it on the record in the past, it’s not about going bigger,” Feige told Collider of the film. “It’s not about, ‘And this time there will be five more explosions in this section!’ I mean certainly you want to up the ante, you want to exceed people’s expectations, but I think there are various ways of doing that and ‘Iron Man 3’ is a very, very good test for us of doing exactly that. The first movie we make after ‘The Avengers’ has our hero spending more time out of the suit than any of the other movies; that seems potentially counterintuitive to some people, but that was exactly why we did it. We didn’t want to say, ‘Oh now it has to be bigger and he fights 100 people in armored suits.’ Yeah the action sequences are big, there’s more action in Iron Man 3 than in the other two movies, but at the same time it’s a much deeper and a more exploratory character journey on the heels of our biggest spectacle with ‘The Avengers.'”

Collider also asked Feige about when his contract is up for Marvel Studios. He seemed to imply that he’d be at the studio at least through Phase Two of its cinematic universe, and spoke about whether he still saw himself running Marvel in five years.

“I don’t know, the truth of the matter is, I always sort of set a goal or set a horizon line and look towards that. Then say, ‘Once I get to that horizon line I will see where we stand,'” Feige told Collider. “For a long time it was ‘X-Men 2’ and then for a long time it was ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Incredible Hulk’ — are we going to be a studio by then or not? Is it going to work or is it not? Then it was ‘Avengers,’ now it’s ‘Avengers 2.’ So, two years after that, three years after that, I can’t even begin to guess.”

Opens May 1, 2015


Feige also updated Collider on the status of the “Doctor Strange” movie and how far along it is in development.

“‘Dr. Strange’ is something that I talk about often and it’s sort of next up for us to dig into and explore,” Feige told Collider. “Our executive producer of ‘Iron Man 3,’ having done ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and as that was finishing he started working on the bones that would become ‘Iron Man 3,’ and now that he’s finished with ‘Iron Man 3,’ he’s working on the bones that would become ‘Doctor Strange.’ Now that ‘Iron Man 3’ is finished, some of our quote-unquote spare time is going to be devoted to trying to crack ‘Strange.’ … As we look past 2015, past ‘Avengers 2’ and Ant-Man, I think ‘Dr. Strange’ should be one of the next movies in the years following that.”


Bryan Singer has emerged from his relatively short behind-the-scenes Twitter silence with a first look at Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde.

Opens July 18, 2014


SuperHeroHype has posted an image gallery of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” costumed in Gwen’s outfit from her death in the comic books. As a Gwen Stacy fan, it’s awesome to see Stone so perfectly portray the character, but a major bummer to see the possible harbinger of her demise.

Opens May 2, 2014


“Iron Man 3” went on this weekend to have the second biggest domestic box office opening of all time, behind only “The Avengers.” Globally, the film has already hit $680.1 million, putting the threequel well on its way to breaking the billion dollar barrier worldwide. It has already surpassed the global box office take of both prior “Iron Man” films, “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Thor.”

Now in theaters


JustJared has posted photos of Megan Fox as April O’Neil on the set of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Granted, the photos don’t really seem to cast Fox in an unfamiliar light — she looks downright normal — but maybe that’s what the movie is going for.

Opens June 6, 2014


“The Wolverine” director James Mangold has reaveled a new Silver Samurai poster via Twitter in the same style as the Japanese ink painting Wolverine one-sheet.

Opens July 26


TrekMovie has posted a new TV spot for “Star Trek Into Darkness,” which features a bit of new footage and a better look at Benedict Cumberbatch’s villainous John Harrison.

HeyUGuys spoke with “Star Trek Into Darkness” producer Damon Lindelof about the future of the franchise and what their plans might be if a third movie were to be in the cards.

“You can never see enough Klingons, and I think in this film we’ve given the audience a little taste, but there’s also a promise that there’s a larger conflict on the horizon, and that would be fun to see,” Lindelof said. He further stated about actor Benedict Cumberbatch that “if he survives this movie, I think that we would be incredibly stupid to not use him again.”

Opens May 17


DC Comics co-Publisher Jim Lee appeared on the CBS show “The Couch” to promote Free Comic Book Day and gave his impressions about the upcoming “Man of Steel” film.

Opens June 14


HBO has posted a preview for next week’s episode of “Game of Thrones.” Check it out below.

Airs Sundays on HBO


According to The Wrap, Sony has started development on “Men in Black 4” and has hired screenwriter Oren Uziel to write the sequel. No other details about the film were revealed.


There have been rumors of James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston and Alexander Skarsgard in contention for the lead role in “The Crow” reboot, but as it turns out, it may be neither. “Fast and Furious 6” actor Luke Evans is currently in negotiations for the lead role in “The Crow,” but judging from the incredible deluge and rotation of actors for the role in the last few months, it’s entirely possible a new name will be floated next week.

Got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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