Star Wars: New Clone Wars Images Offer a Good Look at the Bad Batch

Of all the news surrounding the return of the beloved animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, perhaps the most exciting has been the introduction of a new crack squad of Clone Troopers known as the Bad Batch.

Revealed in a clip and trailer for the upcoming new season of the CGI series at yesterday's Clone Wars panel at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Lucasfilm has since shared images from the seventh season. In addition to concept art of several fan-favorite characters, including Ahsoka Tano, Commander Rex and Darth Maul, Lucasfilm has shared finished art of the new squad ready for action.

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The imperfect ensemble of Clone Troopers was originally planned to figure prominently into Season 6 of the animated series before its cancellation. Based on the clip shown at the panel, the team is more than capable of dispatching a numerically superior army of Separatists despite their genetic flaws.

And as Rex looks to rebuild his ranks after several tragic losses, the Clone Commander may turn to the newly introduced squad to help bring about an end to the war consuming the galaxy.

A release date for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 has yet to be announced. Disney+ launches Nov. 12.

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